Frequently Asked Questions

About Go4theGoal and How Funds are Used

How do we know funds will stay local to help kids in our state?

We work with over 180 hospitals across the country.  As a partner of the Association of Pediatric Oncology Social Workers (APOSW), a national organization of social workers that work with children battling cancer, we work closely with care providers to ensure funds are used as they are intended in a way best suited to support families.   Requests come in daily from all over the country and we continually reach out to our hospital contacts to let them know when we have funds available to them.

How can we interact with patients and visit them at the hospital?

While there have been times we have been able to arrange for patients and families to attend a game and interact with the team, the logistics are very difficult.  Most importantly, we have to be respectful of the unpredictable health status of these kids.  Visiting an oncology unit is problematic as patients undergoing cancer treatment are immune deficient and can be endangered by visitors.  For this reason, hospitals have very strict guidelines for visitors- normally limited to just family.

How and when are funds used?

Our hospital contacts are made aware when funds are available to them for patient grants.  We leave it to these trained individuals to determine how the funds will best impact their patients and families.  Sometimes, they determine that they’d rather have funds available for them in case of an emergent need in future (such as threat of service shut off at a patient’s home) since Go4theGoal has a 24-hour turn-around time.  There are many resources a social worker can access for non-emergent needs and while we do constantly pay many of these bills, it is up to the social workers to determine how the funds are best utilized to benefit their patients.  Read our reviews on

Can you tell us how our funds are spent?

Most organizations that provide patient support require families to sign a waiver that allows the organization to share their personal information and the details of their medical and financial burdens.  Go4theGoal respects the patients’ right to privacy and does not seek to utilize a family’s struggle in order to publicize our good work.  All patient requests and information are confidential.

How do patients and families apply for support?

Only Social Workers, Child Life Specialists, or other verified hospital staff can apply to Go4theGoal on behalf of their patients.  Our application is not available to families.  We do this for multiple reasons, but most importantly so that we can respond to requests immediately rather than having to take time to verify diagnosis or other qualifying data that many organizations require, which is why we are able to assist families immediately rather than making them wait during an application process.  If you know a family in need of assistance, tell them to talk to their hospital social worker about applying for support.

About Using the QGiv Platform to Fundraise

Is there a fee to register and set up a page?

There is no registration fee to set up your team’s page or your individual fundraising page.  It can help to make a small donation you your own page when you set it up…just to get the ball rolling and encourage others to donate and participate.

How long are donations accepted and how long can a page stay open?

You can select your own “End Date” for your page…once your event has ended, your page will no longer be able to accept donations.  We encourage you to select an end date a week or two after your game (if your team is participating in Lace Up 4 Pediatric Cancer® as well) or to extend it a week or so after you intend to “complete” your fundraising so any last minute donations can still be made.

What portion of donations goes to the cause?

100% of the net proceeds we receive from the platform go directly to the cause to support patients and families.  Donors also have the option of covering the credit card transaction fees so that Go4theGoal receives their entire donation.

Can we change the Captain of our page or have more than one?

Whoever sets up the Team page can assign themselves or anyone else (whose page is set up) as the Captain and can change it at any time.  They are also able to assign co-captains to a page.

We received cash and check donations as well.  How can we have them added to our page’s total?

We are happy to add any offline donations you receive to your page’s total.  All you need to do is send us the donations you receive along with a note stating the team’s page (or if it is intended for an individual’s page) along with any message that should be posted with it.  Please do not send cash in the mail- convert to either check or money order.  All checks should be made out to “Go4theGoal” and mailed to us at

Go4theGoal Foundation

401 Kings Highway South, Suite 3E

Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

What if we don’t hit our goal?

There is no penalty if you do not hit your goal and we are grateful for all donations.  If you are participating in our Incentives program to earn free laces for your team, you will need to pay the cost of the outstanding invoice.

I’ve been trying and trying to make edits to my page, but it’s just not working.  What do I do?

Reach out to your Lace Up contact for assistance and we’ll be happy to make edits for you.