About GraceWorks

What is GraceWorks?
GraceWorks Ministries is a Christian non-profit ministry that began in 1995 when concerned Williamson County residents desired to meet the basic needs of their neighbors. Today, 20 services are offered to help ensure that your neighbors in need have some relief from their daily burdens. Help covering the costs of rent, utilities, medications, and food are just a few ways your neighbors’ needs are being met. GraceWorks strives to help the whole person by seeing beyond physical needs and offering help with the emotional and spiritual valleys often brought on by financial turmoil. Your contribution can make a difference in countless lives every day.

Here's how your $1,500 fundraising goal may be used to impact the lives of our neighbors in need:
• Eight families will receive rent assistance which helps keep them from becoming homeless.
• Seven families will receive carts of food which allows them use their income for other needs.
• 150 students in need will receive Fuel Bags to supplement their food at home over the weekend.
• Eight families will receive utility assistance which keeps their home warm in the winter or the water running.
• 15 students in need will receive a backpack full of school supplies to give them a good start to the school year.
• 19 children will receive Christmas gifts through The GraceWorks Manger program who otherwise might not receive presents.

Who needs help from GraceWorks?
Neighbors who seek help are from all walks of life. Anyone can be faced with a situation they are not ready for. Growing numbers of Williamson County residents need help covering the expenses of daily living. GraceWorks strives to provide help for every request; from the single mom to a medically frail senior, help is given in a variety of ways. GraceWorks helped Williamson County families 46,665 times through its programs in 2016. 

What is their success?
Last year alone, $1,626,985 worth of food was distributed to hungry neighbors. The total value of requests filled was $5.2 million. GraceWorks Ministries has a four-star rating from Charity Navigator, the nation's largest and most-utilized evaluator of charities, because of our financial health, accountability and transparency.