About Golf Fore GraceWorks

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What is the Golf Fore GraceWorks Challenge?
The Challenge is a fun day of golf that benefits GraceWorks Ministries. Unlike most golf tournaments where an entry fee is required, this event asks each golfer to identify and contact sponsors to donate to them. These sponsors may include friends, family members or businesses. 

When is Golf Fore GraceWorks?
Monday, August 21st at the Brentwood County Club. Registration begins at 7:00 a.m., a shotgun start is at 9:00 a.m. followed by a tournament celebration & lunch.

How does this unique golf tournament work?
You and about 71 other participants will begin the day at 7:00 am with registration, breakfast and warm-up on the driving range; then you will tee off at 9:00 am and play an 18-hole scramble. 

How do I fundraise for GraceWorks?
We offer a number of ways for golfers to raise funds for this event.

1. First, register on this fundraising page. Through this site, you can send out a request for sponsorship through your personal email and social media. Once you register, this site generates a fundraising page for you. You can then edit your page's text and photos. Through simple step-by-step instructions, you will be able to send out sponsorship requests which leads your potential donors to your personal fundrasing page. All donations made are 100% secure. If you need help, contact jfuqua@graceworksministries.net.

2. Send out letters. We have sample letters you can use as is or modify to send by mail to either business or individual donors. Look for the resources at the bottom of this page.

3. Phone calls. If you are asking someone to sponsor you who is unfamilair with GraceWorks, it's sometimes easiest to call so you can quickly answer any questions they may have. Please read the "About GraceWorks" page or visit graceworksministries.net to learn about who we are and who we serve.

Be sure to mention that all contributions to GraceWorks Ministries are tax-deductible. A receipt for tax purposes will be sent out in January 2018.

What benefits do business/corporate donors receive?
We have a variety of sponsorship levels for businesses/corporations which give them exposure to our golfers who are business leaders, church members and community supporters. In addition, they are recognized on our event website, social media and much more depending on their donation level. A link to download a Sponsorship Level .pdf is at the bottom of this page.

Important: we will need to receive a logo from any business/corporation who donates $250 or more to use on our website, hole sign and sponsor banner. The last day to accept logos is August 1. Please ask your sponsor to send an .eps (vector) version of their logo to jfuqua@graceworksministries.net.

How will donations be collected?
1. For donations made through your fundraising page, you are automatically credited and notified by email. It will also keep donation totals on your fundraising page.

2. For checks, they can be mailed to: GraceWorks Ministries, 104 SE Pkwy, Franklin, TN 37064 attn: Shelley Johnson or brought to our office. Each week, we will manually add check donations to this page. Be sure to mark on the check memo your name so we are sure you receive credit for the donation. If the check is from a business, please write in their name as well if not the same as the one printed on the check.

3. Please bring cash to the tournament along with the name and contact information of the donor. All checks/cash collected the day of the event will be credited to your page afterwards.

What if a sponsor has not paid by the tournament?
If not paid by day of the tournament, we will send your unpaid sponsors a special thank-you letter reminding them of the amount of their pledge total. They will receive a return-envelope addressed to GraceWorks Ministries so you do not initially have to be involved in the collection process. However, after 30 days, we may ask you to contact the sponsors who have not yet responded.

Your fundraising page will also remain open after the tournament so that you can continue to get donations online as well.

Important: be sure to use the Sponsor Sheet to record your contacts, their contact info and pledge amount and bring it with you to the tournament if you have any sponsors who have not paid.

What if I don’t raise my goal of $1,500?
Your commitment of time and energy in raising support is critical to the success of this event. Since there are limited spaces available, your role is important. As a recommended minimum to play, we ask that you raise at least $500 by August 1.

What if I have more questions?
Contact Event Chair, Steve Lewis, at 615-414-0047 or stevelewis22@comcast.net

GFG Resources
Player Handbook - this .pdf contains helpful items to secure sponsorships including:

• A sample letter to mail to potential individual sponsors
• A sample letter to mail to potential business/corporate sponsors
• A commitment form for individual sponsors
• A commitment form for business/corporate sponsors
• Business/corporate sponsorship levels breakdown
• Sponsorship sheets to track pledges

DOWNLOAD the Player Handbook
DOWNLOAD just the Business/Corporate Sponsorship Levels & Commitment Form