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Support kids with bleeding disorders (like Adrian!) and their families, by providing funding for medical research, educational resources, programs & services, scholarships, and financial help for those in difficult situations. Hemophilia and other bleeding disorders are exhorbitantly expensive to treat given the high cost of specialty medications that are needed for prophylactic treatment on a regular basis. The medication costs 100s of thousands of dollars a year. Bleeding disorders can be well managed with the latest medications, but they are challenging to live with given that that there are always risks (i.e., internal bleeding) in cases of injury, especially to the head. 

Please consider supporting this amazing local organization that serves as the heart of the bleeding disorders community in the DMV. I'm not sure we would have made it this far without its support and the support of its tight community of members. 

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  • Richard Sleboda A joyous donation in the name of nephew Adrian! 3 weeks ago $262.50
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