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Mac Bryson's Bunch... That's who we, Brian, Natalie, Hagen, Suzie and Zane, are every other day of the year, on September 18th, we welcome you to join our "Bunch" to support us in honor and loving memory of our, Mac Bryson, stillborn on August 17, 2012. 

Not a single day goes by we don't think of him. 

Lydie's Loop is an amazing event that not only raises awareness on stillbirth, but also makes an impact by donating all proceeds to Count The Kicks, an app making a difference for pregnant families. To us, the Rensi family, Mac's Bunch, and so many other bereaved families, it is even more than that. It is a place where we can say our baby's name, be surrounded by supportive friends and family and "do something" in honor of our sons and daughters gone too soon. It is truly a gift to have this event. 


This year we, Mac Bryson's Bunch, are inviting YOU to make a difference with us. 

How can you help support us and be part of Mac Bryson's Bunch?

1. Join our team! Register under Mac Bryson's Bunch to walk or run the event with us either in-person or vitrually. This year our goal is to have a big team in honor of our boy.  Join our team!! You'll get a comfy t-shirt and put a huge smile on this families face! (Click the register tab above) 

2. Donate. We welcome and apprecitate any donation you feel lead to give. It all makes a difference. (CLick the donate tab above)

3. Sponsor! Lydie's Loop is always in need of sponsors and we'd love to show you some love in return by talking your business up on facebook and wearing your logo on this year's t-shirt! (Click the Sponsor tab above) 


Thank you for all your support, warm thoughts and love! We always feel it and are so grateful. 



Brian (Mac's Dad), Natalie (Mac's Mom), Hagen (Mac's oldest brother), Suzie (Mac's older and only sister), Zane (Mac's younger brother) and of corse, Mac. I know he would be happy seeing all we are doing in his honor. Thank you for being a part of that! 

Our Team

  • Sue Borders Sue Borders $40.00
  • Kay Brinkerhoff Kay Brinkerhoff $35.00
  • Jesse Weber Jesse Weber $35.00
  • Jecy Weber Jecy Weber $35.00
  • Lana Rensi Lana Rensi $30.00
  • Kristin Borders Kristin Borders $30.00
  • Barb Wolf Barb Wolf $30.00
  • Ed Wolf Ed Wolf $30.00
  • Scott Robinette Scott Robinette $30.00
  • Lindsey Dantonio Lindsey Dantonio $30.00
  • Ross Dantonio Ross Dantonio $30.00
  • Jessica Shumaker Jessica Shumaker $30.00
  • Geoffrey Rensi Geoffrey Rensi $30.00
  • Danielle Barkley Danielle Barkley $30.00
  • Hanna Rakhuba Hanna Rakhuba $30.00
  • Ginger Trepanier Ginger Trepanier $30.00
  • Erin Papp Erin Papp $30.00
  • Joseph Papp Joseph Papp $30.00
  • Scott Hendricks Scott Hendricks $25.00
  • Katie Garrett Katie Garrett $25.00
  • Matt Garrett Matt Garrett $25.00
  • Renee Lupi Renee Lupi $25.00
  • Brad Graver Brad Graver $25.00
  • Brooke Klaus Brooke Klaus $25.00
  • Lauren Ortiz Lauren Ortiz $25.00
  • Ann Graver Ann Graver $25.00
  • Elyse Broome Elyse Broome $25.00
  • Mike Durst Mike Durst $25.00
  • Jen Durst Jen Durst $25.00
  • Rachael Wittman Rachael Wittman $25.00
  • Kristina Palma Kristina Palma $25.00
  • Amy Debiasi Amy Debiasi $25.00
  • Michelle France Michelle France $25.00
  • Brynn Borders Brynn Borders $20.00
  • Bristol Borders Bristol Borders $20.00
  • Isabella Dantonio Isabella Dantonio $20.00
  • Porter Dantonio Porter Dantonio $20.00
  • Kate Wittman Kate Wittman $20.00
  • Kylie Palma Kylie Palma $20.00
  • Juliana Garrett Juliana Garrett $15.00
  • Blake Garrett Blake Garrett $15.00
  • Jack Graver Jack Graver $15.00
  • Addison Graver Addison Graver $15.00
  • Macey Durst Macey Durst $15.00
  • Josey Durst Josey Durst $15.00
  • Natalie Rensi Natalie Rensi Team Captain $0.00
  • Brian Rensi Brian Rensi
  • Hagen Rensi Hagen Rensi
  • Suzie Rensi Suzie Rensi
  • Zane Rensi Zane Rensi





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Our Supporters

  • Alyssa Myers September 2021 $26.25
  • Sue Borders September 2021 $10.00
  • Carol Baket September 2021 $52.50
  • Marissa Clever September 2021 $25.00
  • Paula Browning September 2021 $26.25
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  • Mike Durst July 2021 $100.00
  • Carol Baket September 2021 $52.50
  • Scott Robinette September 2021 $52.50
  • Ed and Barbara Wolf September 2021 $52.50
  • Lauren Kahler September 2021 $52.50
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