Mission1Race: The Journey 2020

Take on the journey, transform the world together, 1Step at a time

Join us December 6th through December 13th 2020, to experience The Journey 2020!

The Journey 2020 event takes us from the Historic San Diego Mission to the Santa Barbara Mission steps, a journey of 250 miles run over 6 days. Our Founder and President, Richard "RichRel" Reliford will once again travel North, Mission to Mission up the California Coast. Join the full distance or pick one of the 6 days. You can form a team to do a day or all 6 days together!  We do this together as 1Community as an expression and experience of ONEness as we take 1Step at a time as ONE human race. 

Invite your friends and family to join you on this journey. All donations support Mission1Race, a 501c3. For more information, please check out our organization homepage.

We look forward to seeing you in San Diego in December! Don't forget to join us at the Launch on Dec 6 and Celebration Brunch on Dec 13! 

Note: Sign up as a "free agent" if you would like to be matched with an existing relay team. 

Registration Costs:
Individual (Day) - $80
Individual (Full Mission) - $180         
Team (Day) - $180                         
Team (Full Mission) - $800

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