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My middle daughter Emilia was born without hearing. It took the doctors five years and many, many hours of testing to discover that Emilia was born without inner ear bones. At five, the doctors manufactured prosthetic ear bones and implanted them in one of Emilia's ears. On the ride home Emilia heard leaves blowing in the wind for the first time. As a parent this particular ride home was a life changer for me and our family. Emilia is now 19 years old. Her reading, math and social skills are more similar to children half her age and she has a heart of gold. I am participating in this competition in honor of my lovely daughter Emilia.

I am excited to represent Central Florida Speech and Hearing Center as a contestants in this year's Mr. Central Florida competition. Let's make this fun and worthwhile!

The goal for the event is $200,000 which means my goal is $6,600 - we can do this! The contestant with the MOST votes at the end of the night will be named 2017 Mr. Central Florida! So, a full thermometer does not mean it's over. I need your help, VOTE AND VOTE OFTEN! Help me raise funds to support this amazing cause!


Did You Know?

The Center is committed to providing the highest quality speech, language and hearing services to the community, always in a caring manner. Most of the patients served require subsidezed funding.

  • 64% of the 2,000 adult patients visits annually for Audiology at the Center require subsidized funding.
  • It costs the Center $1,570 annually to provide speech therapy for one patient. Currently, 230 children are seen each week and 92% of those children require subsidized funding.


Vote for me today! Together, we can help Central Florida communicate better!

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  • Kimberly Abels August 2017 $130.00
  • Kim Abels August 2017
  • Chris McLaughlin August 2017 $100.00
  • Michael & Lorrie Walker August 2017 $50.00
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  • Kimberly Abels August 2017 $130.00
  • Chris McLaughlin August 2017 $100.00
  • Michael & Lorrie Walker August 2017 $50.00
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