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For me and my beloved son Ghaidan, meeting Dr. Bauer and Dr. Khakoo at the Nevus Conference Chicago is paramount. Ibelieve it will give hope for my son for a better life, health and future. Despite the cheerfulness of Ghaidan, he was actually born with bathing trunk Nevi, and satellites all over his body, arms, feet, face, eyes, mouth, tongue, scalp, and the last but not least his brain. He has been diagnosed with Giant Hairy Nevi, Neuromelanocytes Nevus and also Neurofibroma. He has a lot of complications such as, eye twitching, epilepsy, speech delay, itchy skin, developed some tumors, neurofibrom at his nevus and also developed some vitiligo surrounding his satellites nevi.

For me as a mother, knowing the above facts about my son is heart breaking. I have consult to many doctors locally and none of them were equipped with sufficient knowledge to deal with the complications. This has forced me to do my own research and give more detailed attention to the nevus development my son has. I have found out that the risk and probability of Melanoma is high, evenmore the nevus alone developed overtime. My son complained of itch on every inch of his largest nevus, and at some point there are spots that growing bigger and bigger probably because of the scratch. 

To see my son grow and have a great future is a dream for me as a mother. A dream to every mother. This fund raising page is a way for me to make my dream come true. A way to increase the quality of life of one’s life. In this case my son’s life. 

I sincerely thank you and appreciate your kindness and sincerity to understand and help us with your donation. Every donation means so much for us, and I will always wish the best of future for you.





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