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We are care and fond each other

We are a nevus community in Indonesia. We established since March 3, 2016, our community has 17 nevus owners consisting of 2 adults, 2 children and 13 others still babies and toddlers. We are spread across different regions and islands in Indonesia, we only communicate with each other through chat apps.

The problem that we have been faced is the same, getting a doctor who has a comprehensive knowledge of Nevus. Especially among us there are diagnosed with NCM, it makes us parents are very worried.

The most saddest  and heartbreaking thing is that one of us has passed away because of melanoma last year. We can not do anything when it happens, it happened so fast when one of the lumps under her armpits was suddenly bleeding, and when the doctor checked, it was already stadium IV cancer. There is still one more person with giant nevi and has detected with melanoma too, but luckily until now she still survives.

To further reinforce and understand what we should strive for our little angels here, we look forward to sending our representatives to this year's conference, bringing with us many questions and things to discuss with the experts of Nevus who will gather that day .

We have so much expectations from those conference, if we can send one nevus warrior and his parents to leave for us. Hopefully this good intentions can be done and thank you for your kindness and sincerity for helping us.


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