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Ross & Cristina

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Why I Believe in NYSX

For me it's personal.

NYSX gave me an opportunity to not only work but to stretch myself in how I viewed and performed Shakespeare. With them and through the work they produce I have been able to explore all of the different ways that his stories can make connections, push boundaries, and why it's still so relevant today. NYSX is an amazing organization with a leadership team that truly cares about how the work they produce connects communities and makes connections to important and relevant topics today.

I've been part of their ShakesBEER Pub Crawls and their Freestyle Labs and I love them both so much! Both events give a fresh take on the text and prove even more how the Bard continues to reinvent and connect things that seem like they have no business being together. If you don't think Shakepeare belongs in a bar, join a pub crawl (when they come back). If you don't think Shakespeare has any connections with comics, I wish you had been at the Freestyle Lab that connected the two worlds.

With that said, I am super excited to be co-producing a Freestyle Lab that will explore the connection between stories of migration and identity from the Pasifika/Moanan culture and text from Shakespeare the share the same themes.

NYSX is always innovating, listening, and pushing the envelope but I stick around because of their heart. I'm so excited to continue to create with NYSX, to be able to produce a Freestyle Lab with them and I am grateful to you for helping us (and me) reach our goals! Thank you!


Here's a look ahead at the super cool programs we have planned:

  • The Voices Project - A growing catalogue of videos created by Shakespeare performers who are under-represented in the American classical theatre, which highlight how Shakespeare's words resonate through the filters of their own identities and experiences.

  • Virtual Education Workshops - Thanks to remote learning tools, NYSX artists have been Zooming into classrooms in states like Michigan, Georgia, and Ohio, and we can't wait to add more states to that list!

  • Virtual Freestyle Labs - Since 2018, our Freestyle Lab series at the 53rd Street Library has gained an enthusiastic and loyal following.  THIS YEAR, we will explore how to create this town hall-style event in a virtual space, giving us a chance to invite in audiences across the country (and maybe even an ocean or two...).

In other company news:

  • NYSX is working toward a more inclusive and collaborative model of planning our season.  With our new Leadership Council, we've composed a season of events that tackle a variety of timely themes (trauma, recovery, identity, rebirth) and deeper engagement with new communities of artists and audiences.

  • In a desire to build better relationships with artists and audiences in the disability community, NYSX is working to expand our accessibility tools and integrate a more holistically accessible approach into the planning of our events (both virtual and in-person).

  • THE WINTER'S TALE - planned for late summer/early fall - will mark NYSX's first outdoor production!  We can't wait to gather again - while staying safe - at an NYC park (or two) later this year. 


Thanks again for stopping by and for your support!






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