"It is required you do awake your faith."

- The Winter's Tale, V.3

A Message from Our Artistic Directors


2021 is calling on us all to "awake our faith," and New York Shakespeare Exchange is ready to answer that call. 

Our history of community-building Shakespearean events has been gratifying in every way, and the last year has informed so much about how our resounding shouts of HUZZAH Can reach new audiences and connect with more communities!

We cannot wait to share our mission with you through fresh shows, powerful conversations, expanded video content, and more.

Thank you for supporting the cause and helping us reach our "Undreamed Shores." 



  • Our New Artistic Leadership Model
  • Our First OUTDOOR Production!
    Props, Costumes, Sound Equipment and more
  • Artist Payments
    Artists should be PAID for their creative and emotional labor.
  • Expansion of our Accessiblity Tools
    Captioning for all videos (including the entire Sonnet Project), ASL Interpreted performances, accommodations for disabled artists and audience members.
  • Online Platforms for Reaching Audiences across the Globe
  • Freestyle Labs
    We are moving ONLINE. Help us develop content and keep it free-of-charge.
  • Expansion of our Education Department to Reach Many More Students, across the US
  • Outdoor Pop-Ups from ShakesBEER and The Sonnet Project
  • Back-End Costs, including insurance, memberships, software, accounting, etc.






of your goal reached


Yes, we can do that!

To contribute by mail, send your check, made payable to "New York Shakespeare Exchange" to:

New York Shakespeare Exchange
4500 Broadway, 5B
New York, NY 10040

If you would like your doantion applied to a specific team member, add their name in the memo line.

Meet the NYSX Leadership Council

A group of Artist/Producers working to change the way in which NYSX develops and delivers our programs. Committed to creative exploration and engaging with diverse stories, the "LC" will spend their 2021 tenure sharing thrilling work connecting to their identities the the Bard.



Freestyle Labs

Our signature town-hall series that explores current events and culture through a Shakespearean lens is going virtual!  While we hope for a return to in-person in the future, we're in no rush to quit online FSLs for good - the more audiences we can reach, the better!

Winter's Tale

NYSX's first outdoor production, coming to NYC parks! A timely story of anger, revenge, forgiveness, rebirth... and a bit with a bear.

Pop-Up Events

Look for some creative outdoor events this year, harnessing the spirit of ShakesBEER and offering an immersive look at our Sonnet Project films.


Virtual learning has made it possible for NYSX to give students in Michigan, Ohio, and Georgia a new level of connection with Shakespeare.  We intend to keep offering virtual workshops to more schools, and are also excited to get back into the classroom in person!

The Voices Project

The expansion of our online video catalogue will continue to amplify underrepresented artists, making the project richer with every new addition.  To directly support the expansion of this project, donate here.

New Online Content

Not only are we expanding our audience with live events gone virtual, filmmakers all over the globe can sign up to add to our trio of Sonnet Project anthologies - NYC, U.S., and International.  And we may have some more virtual fun up our sleeves before the year is out...