FIRST THINGS FIRST: We’ll be playing it HUDSON SAFE this year so the event will look a little different. Unfortunately spectators will not be allowed at the event, but everyone can tune in via YouTube. Click HERE to view the live stream! We'll stagger plungers and assign specific time slots so there will be limited numbers of people in the Beach House at any one time. See the SCHEDULE page for more details. Plungers must wear masks at all times except when plunging.

Where? Oakdale Lake, 132 North 6th Street, Hudson NY.

When? Saturday, February 27th, 2021

What time? The event starts at 11am and the plungers will be staggered for everyone's safety.  See the SCHEDULE page for more details.  Please arrive 10 minutes early so that you can check-in, plunge, and make space for the next group within your alloted time.

How do I watch the live stream? Click HERE to view the live stream.

Can I register on-site the day of the event? Unfortunately no, we will have no on-site registration this year due to safety precautions.  

Can I donate on-line the day of the Plunge?  Yes! Donations by credit card are gratefully accepted during and after the event. 

Can I donate by check? Certainly! Make checks payable to Friends of Hudson Youth and mail to Friends of Hudson Youth, PO Box 285, Hudson NY 12534. Indicate the Team or Individual you'd like to sponsor in the memo line so they get credit.

Can children register and plunge? Absolutely!  Anyone 6 years or older may register and we waive registration fees for anyone under 18.  A legal guardian must register and sign a waiver for anyone under 18, and accompany them at the event.

What should plungers wear? Anything you'd like, but outrageous outfits are strongly encouraged. Bring something warm to wear over your costume before your plunge.Changing rooms are only available post-plunge. We recommend you plunge with shoes or something on your feet, and everyone should bring a towel and dry clothes.

Can plungers leave a change of clothes in the Beachhouse?  We will have a designated spot outside the Beach House near the entrance to the changing rooms where can leave clothes and a towel while you plunge. We cannot be responsible for any valuables.

Can I bring a friend of family member? The beach will be closed to spectators, but we will allow plungers to have one additional person come with them to help them with their belongings and to cheer them on. Please limit your party to one additional person per team member.

Will there be food or beverages at the event? Sadly, no. We'll bring back refreshments when safety issues are no longer a concern.

Additional questions or having trouble registering? Contact Peter at 917-748-4662 or peter@hudsonyouth.org for help with the website or for any additional information.