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With some members that have family members that are active in the military and relatives that are veterans, we would like to show our appreciation and gratitude for the men and women that are currently or have served our country.The all-terrain chair that we are fundraising money for is a life changing opportunity for a veteran to get back to what they love doing.


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  • Anonymous July 2022
  • Dalton O'Donnell July 2022 $106.00
  • Anonymous July 2022 $68.00
  • Enrique Fuentes July 2022 $25.00
  • Anonymous July 2022
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  • Enrique Fuentes April 2022 $800.00
  • Erik Lescher July 2022 $530.00
  • Darren Kay Keep up the great work Brothers as we recognize and support those who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms and our great country. June 2022 $530.00
  • Thad Stubbs June 2022 $500.00
  • Daryl Doran July 2022 $265.00
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