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I've Always Been Good At...

I've always been good at hiding.

At painting a sweet smile while covering a wounded heart.

I guess it's true that someone can be drowning and not even know it.

That's where I was. As early as I can remember, I have struggled with identity, insecurities, suicidal thoughts and the fear that I am not enough- especially for God. It's crazy how these thoughts would occur so much to the point of becoming normal. 

No one would know because I never spoke on my struggles. I was surrounded by loved ones, but I still felt like no one was really checking for me.

As an adult, I am still peeling back pieces of myself and uncovering lies that have been tattooed onto my heart disguised as truth. I found an outlet, though. I found the one place I can put my hope- and that is Jesus. For teens in our city, many are drowning just like I was and acting out as a result of it, looking for something to end the internal battles they face. 

I wonder how many wrap themselves with beautiful smiles, but inside feel so alone and hopeless? Then, I wonder how we can continue in this fight to bring hope to the hopeless and light to dark places.

                                                                            * * *

Our Youth For Christ programs all over Miami are raising funds to help in the fight of ending Youth Violence, and you get to be a part of this great opportunity.

We find that one of the biggest differences we get to make is intentionally building healthy and caring relationships with teens who often don’t have positive influences in their lives. Our hope is to meet them wherever they are; lost, hurt, broken, ashamed, curious, or unsure; and show them the One who made them for Himself- the One who welcomes us and saves us in a fleeting, dark, and chaotic world.

We are believing that the relationships we start TODAY will have an ETERNAL impact.

We are believing that gun violence, physical fights, verbal wars, cyberbullying, suicidal thoughts and attempts, and much more can all DECLINE with an ounce of love poured into a teen's cup. This is the impact I am inviting you to help me and youth workers all over our city make! We appreciate your heart and desire to make a difference. What better time than now?

Thank you so much.


With love, bc.





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