Fundraising Ideas

Make it Tangible: Let people know how many students will learn how to get a job, manage their money or start a business for different gift amounts

  • $40 gives one student an opportunity to participate in JA Finance Park

  • $100 covers the cost of one kit of classroom materials 

  • $250 gives one student the opportunity to participate in JA’s summer camp

  • $1,000 gives a class of 25 students the opportunity to participate in JA


Engage Management: Highest fundraising team would be motivated to earn the following:

  • VIP Parking

  • Tickets to events, concerts

  • Camera Off Option

  • Jeans Day (where applicable)

  • Breakfast Burritos for team/office 

  • Pie your boss in the face 

  • Boss has to sing Happy Birthday to everyone throughout the year on Zoom calls 

Get Social: Use JA templates and URLs to promote the Bowl-A-Thon on your personal/professional networking pages 

  • Copy your company link into your social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) 

  • Add link to your fundraising page to your email signature

  • Include videos, testimonials from your own JA experience 

  • Go live (where allowed) to promote your team, share your JA stories and what you hope to accomplish 

Food for thought: Bring out your inner chef to raise money and awareness for your team through

  • Bake Sales

  • Chili Cook Off

  • Dip Party 

  • Put together a list of favorite restaurants, mountain resorts, travel destinations, recipes, etc.

  • Host a themed events (Taco Tuesday, Win(D)e down Wednesday, etc) 

Every Cent Counts:

  • Set out donation jars in break rooms 

  • Share matching ideas with outside contributors