JA Bowl-A-Thon Coordinator Timeline

Use this guide to stay on track and help make your JA Bowl-A-Thon event a success!

8 Weeks Before Your Bowling Event

1. Meet with JA Staff

  • Select date, time, and location of your Bowl-A-Thon
  • Determine the number of lanes you'll need

2. Set goals for your company

  • How many teams do you aim to have?
  • How much money do you aim to raise ($150 or more per bowler)?

3. Register as a team captain

4. Promote company-wide participation

  • Appoint a champion from each department/building
  • Publicize the event using marketing materials provided by JA
  • Send company invite via email, to gain interest in participation and a call for team captains
  • Invite clients and vendors to participate in your event and/or fundraising efforts
  • Publicize lane sponsorship opportunities to participants, clients and vendors
  • Plan a kickoff event! Invite past participants, executives, new hires, affinity groups, etc.

7 Weeks Before Your Bowling Event

1. Identify team captains who will recruit four other bowlers to their team

2. Host a kickoff event 

  • Present info about the JA mission
  • Communicate company's past support (if applicable) and this year's goals
  • Confirm your companies matching policy and share with captains and participants
  • Go over the online registration process and the fundraising toolkit with bowlers
  • Please let Tess Post (TPost@jacolorado.org) know if you would like a JA Staff to attend

3. Begin sending weekly email updates to all team captains and/or participants

5 Weeks Before Your Bowling Event

1. Sign and return your 30-Day Out Lane Agreement

  • From this point on, you'll be responsible for registration fees associated with all of the confirmed lanes regardless of whether or not they are full. You will only be able to add lanes, not cancel. 

4 Weeks Before Your Bowling Event

1. Track team captains' progress

  • All team captains should be registered
    • Collect registration fees (if your company does not cover this cost)
    • Check fundraising status (online donations and cash/check)

2. Host fundraising event(s) within your company

2 Weeks Before Your Bowling Event

1. Make sure all participants are registered 

2. Track fundraising progress

3. Remind participants of any ongoing contests or competitions

1 Week Before Your Bowling Event

1. Make sure that team captains have...

  • Reminded participants to bring extra money to the event for the 50/50 drawing
  • Reminded participants to arrive at the bowling alley 30 minutes early
  • Checked on fundraising progress

Day of Your Bowling Event

1. Relax, have fun, and enjoy the festivities!

2. Turn in all cash, checks, and matching forms to JA staff

After the Event:

1. Pay the registration fee invoice to Junior Achievement

2. Remind participants that they can continue to fundraise after your event date - all funds will be due on June 30, 2022

3. Make sure all matching donation forms are completed and submitted

4. Recognize and congratulate participants for their outstanding efforts