Program in Action !

Driving to Winnipeg was all about going to treatments for this family. A Day Away at the ballgame was a welcome change. 

Never Alone Foundation was there for myself and my family. Myself, husband and our two children got a Day Away to a Winnipeg Gold Eyes game. The smiles on my children’s face as they sat there with me and my husband and watched the game was priceless! Thank you! We will never forget that moment! - K.P.


Never Alone Direct Support Program

Myron lives off of $600 a month. He was walking to his treatments from Point Douglas to CancerCare over the winter. The surgery removed a good portion of the area around his right eye including his eye. Our initial support included getting him transportation to his treatments ($100). Some clothing and a few visits as he doesn’t have family. We provided him a blender (free used item) with recipes and a few ingredients as he is on a liquid diet.

Myron has a crazy sense of humour, but his jokes about scaring people showed that it bothered him. We ordered him an extra large eye patch ($50) and he’s back to laughing and leaving his apartment again. 

Simple solutions to provide someone dignity and better health. We have some plans in place to help replace his teeth once his body is ready for the next step. 


Day Away - Jerry's Gift

Long winters and endless appointments are made a bit easier by a fun night out at a Moose game. The space in the suite is perfect when you aren't feeling 100%. Popcorn and other food is provided. We've had people say, "I was having so much fun, I forgot I was sick." 


Day Away - Jerry's Gift

Several boats are reserved for cancer patients or caregivers at our yearly Crow Duck Challenge event. Nominations are open throughout the year. Please contact us for more information or if you would like to nominate someone.


Paws for a Cause Cancer Walk created in memory of Jerry Maslowsky

This event was created in memory of Jerry Maslowsky, who passed away on September 24, 2016 from esophageal cancer. 

Jerry’s passion for helping others and giving back to the community lives on through this event.

Jerry spent the majority of his career as the Vice-President of Sales and Marketing with the Winnipeg Football Club, where he was introduced to Lyle Bauer and was involved in the development of the Never Alone Foundation. Jerry was a life-long Blue Bomber fan and had the opportunity to work his dream job for 15 seasons. He was committed to his team and regularly went above and beyond to help players, office staff, coaches and fans. Jerry was truly one-of-kind, inspiring hope, enriching lives and giving back to the community.

Jerry Maslowsky



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Funds for Pets

Funds for Pets is a volunteer-run, registered, not-for-profit rescue organization dedicated to helping homeless animals in need.

Our mission is to assist stray animals by providing temporary housing through our foster program, until a permanent, loving home can be found.

Storm is a 2-year old Shepherd/Border Collie cross from Sioux Valley, Manitoba. He was found by kind folks who sought help for him after discovering him lying under their deck, crying. He was in very rough shape and we knew he needed serious help. 

With the aide of a fellow rescuer in the area, we picked him up and got him to the vet in Virden. It was there we learned exactly how badly Storm was suffering; he was emaciated, covered in wood ticks and, worst of all, had a broken femur. The pain and fear he felt leading up to that point must have been almost unbearable. The Veterinarian consulted an orthopedic surgeon, and it was explained to us that he had already been agonizing with the break for over 2+ weeks. We immediately began him on pain medication, as well as medication to kill the parasites that were all over his body, and arranged to have him transported to us in Winnipeg. 

Storm is now settled in foster care and is receiving the extensive medical treatment he so desperately needed. He is under the care of multiple Doctors and we are awaiting news on whether or not he’ll need major orthopedic surgery to save his leg, or have it amputated. At present, he is on strict bed rest and is undergoing physiotherapy with his foster mom. 

Despite his injuries, his terrible past, and a few hiccups along the way (GI issues that landed him back in our clinic temporarily), he is the sweetest, most trusting boy anyone could hope for. He has been amazing and gentle with everyone he meets, and isn’t letting what he went through hold him back. His spirit and personality are truly inspiring and we’re thrilled to help him on his journey to a better life.