Prayer Journey 2021   ○   Digital Storytelling

Brad Murray Cruickshank

Walking in Windsor

And mobilizing more teams in new cities

MoveIn is a movement of regular followers of Christ who intentionally move into maginalized neighbours and form teams that pray for their neighbours.

While no teams have formed yet in Windsor, there are a number of patches throughout the city where we are asking God to send his people. And we will walk and pray through these neighbourhoods on June 19.

So I will walk and pray through these neighbourhoods in Windsor.

I am also raising funds towards the Digital Storytelling & Mobilization Project.

Storytelling has been the DNA of MoveIn since the beginning of the movement. From what we've been learning through physical distancing measures - and an ever increasing digital environment - we will be using videos and social media to tell the story of MoveIn.

And getting the story out will connect us with more people who identify with MoveIn's vision - but just haven't heard about it yet.

I'm excited to see how we will see the next generation be the hands and feet of Jesus in these neighbourhoods!

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