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Consider these projects as you either (1) register to participate in the Prayer Journey as a fundraising participant or (2) donate towards a specific project

Fundraisers will receive a snazzy PJ hat or t-shirt if they raise $250+!

*total cannot include donations made towards your own fundraising goal

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Special Projects

COVID Global Relief Fund | $40,000

Team Fundraising Page

We again have the unique opportunity to raise funds for those hardest hit by the pandemic, in partnership with Canadian Centre for World Mission (CCWM). We will be directing funds to a variety of high-impact projects and partners.

Director's Special Projects | $75,000

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MoveIn's Director Nigel is excited to lead this project which will primarily (1) support new growth for our global staff team, and (2) catalyze the purchasing of an RV so that staff members can travel through North America to spread the MoveIn vision! 

Project Leader: Nigel

Support for Amazing Staff | $25,000

Team Fundraising Page

As MoveIn grows and takes root in new regions, the MoveIn Vision Team is working to spread the vision. The staff team is essential for the growth and sustainability of the movement! Our staff raise their own financial support in order to do this important work. New this year, Prayer Journey participants have the opportunity to "sponsor" a staff member and raise funds to give them a boost in their support raising efforts.

Staff-Led Projects

Digital Storytelling | $3,200

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Storytelling has been the DNA of MoveIn since the beginning of the movement.  In response to physical distancing measures - and an ever increasing digital environment - we will be using videos and social media to tell the story of MoveIn and reach Potential MoveIners. Funding for this project will go towards the purchase of filming equipment and growing our social media presence.

Project Leaders: Adelle, Nicole & Brad

Evangelism & Tentmaking Resources | $2,000

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Tentmakers are a driving force within our movement. We want to empower teams by providing them with training that is practical and tailored to this calling. Funding for this project will provide both a permanent database of resources for MoveIners to access at will and subsidies to attend training as teams or individuals. 

Project Leader: Shane

GenZ Mobilization | $5,000

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When MoveIn began 10 years ago, millennial Christians were excited about getting involved in an emerging movement that was all about engaging in the mission of God in their everyday life. Now it's time for us to reach out to the next generation! We want to learn more about GenZ and how they relate to the vision of MoveIn and global missions. By giving to this project you will be helping us conduct a multi-provincial research project that will help us answer the question: How is God raising up the next generation for his mission?

Project Leaders: KristenValera & Patrick

MoveIner Care Fund | $4,000

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MoveIners are givers. They have moved into their neighbourhoods because they want to pray and make disciples. Along with the joys of relationships with neighbours and teammates, there will always be costs emotionally and spiritually.  Funding for this project will provide subsidies for MoverIners to access counselling, spiritual direction, pest control resources and more.

Project Leader: Chelsea 

MoveIn Europe Conference | $5,500

Team Fundraising Page

With so many unreached people living in Europe, and so many newcomers to the continent, we desire to mobilize new teams across Europe. An integral part of supporting current teams and mobilizing new teams is the annual MoveIn Europe Gathering in Germany.  Funding for this project will go towards directing the MoveIn Europe Gathering and for MoveIn staff to attend in person.

Project Leader: Sheryce Jemcah

Latin America Mobilization | $5,000

Team Fundraising Page

Over the last three years, momentum in Latin America has been growing. We’ve seen 10 teams across 7 countries be planted. We hope to mobilize more believers to join these teams. Funding for this project will go towards travel to visit teams, hosting retreats, and supporting staff.

Project Leader: Josue

MoveIn Philippines Growth | $5,000

Team Fundraising Page

God is doing something new in the Philippines.  We desire to launch out of the lockdown season into prayer mobilization, team-building, and growing the systems of the MoveIn Vision Team for the future. Funding for this project will go towards running events, helping staff raise their own support, an office space, and technological systems to streamline our work.

Project Leader: Ryan