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The past five years, I've studied Sociology and Social Anthropology at a mainstream university in eastern Canada. I wanted to use my skills for the good of the Church and the glory of God, but didn't know how. 

Then, I found out about this research project, which intends to understand how GenZ Christians in Canada think about, do, and want to do Christian 'mission' (however they define the term). I've been working on this research project since August 2020, and I'm excited to see it through to completion. Please check out the attached research proposal to find out more: The findings from this project will help MoveIn and other Christian organizations to engage the next generation of Christians in Canada.

Your prayer and financial support is key to seeing this project through. Kristen, Valera and I are greatful for all your support. 

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  • Tate Linzel Patrick, I think this is a really fascinating topic that you are digging into and it will be exciting to see what you come up with. Hope the donation helps you out and that God keeps working through you. You are a beautiful soul doing beautiful work, keep June 2021 $30.00
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