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I want to start by saying thank-you for visiting my page. I'm blessed to have this opportunity to share my vision with you.

Every day literally hundreds of MoveIners are waking up, going to work and generally carrying on their days while thinking about how they can better share the love of Jesus in the communities within which they've chosen to dedicate their prayers and presence. Most of them won't have the opportunity to take weeks off for training, and it's counterintuitive to ask them to leave their community to attend schooling. How do we better equip them for evangelism and tentmaking so our neighbours can reap the rewards?

I'm envisioning opportunities to learn online; a database of courses that could be completed in a couple of hours or a list of articles all curated around a specific theme. I want to see them prepared with the uniqueness of the MoveIn vision in mind and translated into multiple languages so as to be more accessible to our international teams.

The project I'm organizing will help make this dream a reality. It will also create other opportunities for teams and individuals to learn and grow throughout the year and help provide physical books that can be given to MoveIners at our next conference.

Thank-you for considering this opportunity!

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