Prayer Journey 2021   ○   MoveIner Care Fund

Chelsea Haemel

June 19, 2021 - June 20, 2021

Chelsea's Prayer Journey

MoveIner Care

Our MoveIner are amazing! Obviously, I'm biased, but I love our MoveIners. They are so generous and loving towards their neighbours.

But often, when we are caring for others, it can be easy to forget to take care of ourselves. Or sometimes, caring for someone is draining.

This is where the MoveIner Care project comes in! We provide support for our amazing team to make sure they are happy and healthy in their patch. We have a counselling and spiritual direction subsidy to support our MoveIners' mental, emotional, and spiritual health. We also provide resources for dealing with pests (such as bed bug traps), which cares for physical and mental health in the patches.

This project provides much-needed and well-deserved relief to our lovely MoveIners.


I have personally made use of the counselling subsidy when I was starting to see red flags in my own mental health pointing towards burnout. The subsidy gave me peace of mind as I accessed an expensive service to care for myself.

Our apartment has also had to deal with pests and it can feel overwhelming to deal with. The pest-control resources help us to take steps towards tackling our pest issue. This also gives us peace of mind, to know that if we see pests again, we know we have supports.

This project shows love to people who are showing so much love in their lives.

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