Tournament FAQ

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FAQ For Team Captains

Q: How many players do I need for my team?

A: A full team on the field is 9 players, at least 3 of which must be female. We recommend a team sizing of at least 12 so that not everyone has to be in the field every inning

Q: Is there a maximum team size?

A: Nope! Sometimes we have had huge teams (20+ sign up) and we have suggested that they split into 2 teams so that everyone gets more playing time but really there is no upper limit.

Q: If i dont have enough people for a full team - can i get free agents to fill up?

A: All team captains should try to recruit a full team. We may have free agents to dispense among team who need them, but its not guaranteed. If you think you may need free agents please email us at  and we can try to assist

Q: What should my team wear?

A: Discuss with your team and come aligned. Some teams just wear the same color but other teams have custom shirts made or go all out on uniforms. Let your imagination run wild!

For full rules - please see the full kickball rules document. A captains meeting will be held before games start tournament day and that is your chance to clarify any rules that you may have questions about. Remember this is a charity tournament and we are all here to HAVE FUN!!