Heart & Sole Walk for Animals 2022   ○   A League of Our Own: Potter League Staff

Kara Montalbano

October 16, 2022 10:00am - October 31, 2022 10:00pm

Walking for everyday miracles.

Every year when I take a moment to put my walk fundraising page together (yes, I’m about to ask you to donate to a very worthy cause), I use it as a personal time to reflect on all that the Potter League has accomplished since last years walk, and I’m always amazed, really and truly. Don’t get me wrong, there are days where I am downright exhausted and just feel defeated, but then I see a miracle happen, and then another miracle, and so on & so on. 

These miracles come in many shapes, sizes & species. Like the miracle of a stray unwanted dog giving birth to 8 puppies in the most amazing foster home and all those puppies meeting their new families for the first time. Or the miracle of seeing a lifesaving transport plane touchdown on the runway, knowing that there are dozens of animals about to begin their new journey with us. The miracle of watching an animal finally walk out the door after being looked over time and time again with their new family, knowing that they are going to be loved unconditionally. Or the miracle of seeing individuals facing life-altering circumstances, be it homelessness or fleeing a domestic violence situation, reunite with their pet after we temporarily provided pet safe housing, so they were able to find resources to get back on their feet. Our staff and volunteers make these miracles and so many more happen every day. I am beyond lucky to get to do this for a living. To know that every day, something we do will make someone be it an animal or a person’s life better, well, what is better than that. 

So once again, I am lacing up my sneakers and grabbing the leash because it's time to walk to save lives! The Potter League’s 33rd annual Heart & Sole Walk for Animals is happening on Sunday, October 16, at Fort Adams in Newport, RI!

And I am walking to raise essential funds to support the Potter League's lifesaving work. Every dollar raised goes directly toward creating happier, healthier lives for animals. 

The Heart & Sole Walk for Animals' proceeds provide food, shelter, veterinary care, and more to the thousands of animals who come to Potter League every year. In addition to the Walk, there will be a roster of fun-filled activities—including a Flealess Marketplace, contests, and prizes to enjoy. 

Together, we can help animals find their new best friends. Please consider making a donation today!


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