Pet Palooza Scavenger Hunt 2021

Help to support the animals at the Humane Society of Charlotte while also exploring Charlotte! Each item below = 1 point. The two paw-ticipants, age 13 and under, with the most points will win a prize!

Please submit photos of the items you complete in one email to no later than April 24 11:59 EST. Our winners will be contacted on Monday, April 26.

All paw-ticipants who earn 15 or more points will receive a personalized paw-sitive achivement certificate!

All items below = 1 point

  • Take a photo with your pet (or a friend’s pet – just make sure you ask permission first) 

  • Take a photo participating in the Pet Palooza 2021 walk 

  • Walk one mile with your pup the week of April 19 

  • Take a picture with the Humane Society of Charlotte shelter sign 

  • Draw a photo of a cat and/or dog 

  • Take a photo in your Pet Palooza shirt 

  • Share your funniest animal joke with us

  • Take a photo at one of our sponsor or vendor locations

    • View the full list of sponsors and vendors here

  • Donate any of the items below! Each item = 1 point

- Thin fleece blanket 
- Leash (non-retractable)
- Cat Toy
- Cat nip
- Tennis ball
- Kitty Litter
- Dog treats
- Puzzle feeder
- Canned dog or cat food
- Puppy food
- Hand sanitizer
- Bleach
- Paper towels
- Liquid laundry detergent
- Martingale collar
- Kong toys
- Tall trash bags
- 55 gallon trash bags
- Gallon sized Ziploc bags
- Creamy peanut butter (withou Xylitol) 
- Fancy Feast Pate (chicken, beef or turkey)
- Fine point Sharpie
- Expo dry erase marker
- Monetary donation

If collecting, making, or purchasing toys, items should be clean and in good condition. Items can be dropped off at our donation drive thru, which takes place every Saturday from 10am – 12pm.