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Did you know that the Humane Society of Charlotte adopted out 2,999 animals into their loving forever homes in 2020? We also provided low cost spay/neuter surgeries for over 10,000 animals as well as administered over 12,200 low cost vaccines. As many Charlotteans faced unprecedented hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we distributed over 59,600 lbs of food to families in need.

We do not receive government funding or any portion of donations from a national organization. We rely on donations from our generous donors to continue our work. The funds you raise directly help the animals in our care.

Team Jessie

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Hi there! I'm Jessie. I'm an easy going, fun loving pup that would do well in a variety of settings. I enjoy seeing and exploring new things and meeting all kinds of people. I'll easily settle into your way of life.

At HSC, I spend lots of time in the offices with staff and they tell me I would make an excellent administrative assistant. My spreadsheet skills leave something to be desired, but I bring a lot to the table in other ways, such as my natural curiosity and endless enthusiasm for sitting on office furniture. I can keep even the toughest of clients entertained with my ability to make treats disappear out of thin air and enjoy spending my breaks receiving ample amounts of belly rubs.

Did you know?!  I am a ‘Have a Heart' fund recipient.  I have heartworms that will need to be treated in the home, but through this fund, the Humane Society of Charlotte has a voucher to assist with fees for the treatment. The treatment at their partnering vet clinics is done at a reduced rate for our adopters.  Our partner clinics will provide me with top notch care and support during the treatment.  I am in need of an adopter that will maintain a great relationship with my vet to help get me heartworm free!

Your donation will help even more animals like me!

As of March 11, Jessie was adopted.

jessie wink.jpg

Team Shoyru

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? Please meet Her Royal Majesty, Shoyru!

I am a queen desperately in need of a castle. Like any respectable queen, this Royal Highness likes things just so. I prefer a sprinkle of cat nip on my evening meals. My canned food must be opened by hand and chopped in precise 0.5cm pieces. I also desire a cat tree with a high perch and a litter pan filled exactly 3 inches deep with clay litter (fragrance free of course).

As with any royal figure, you are not allowed to touch this Queenliness unless permitted. If you receive the royal sniff and head tilt this is permission to approach, although I normally do not bestow such an honor until at least a week of proper courting.

I long to have my very own subjects at my beck and call to see to my every whim, but I desire a patient owner who will give me time to explore my new kingdom before expecting displays of affection. But trust us, the very first time I allow you to give me a good scritch under the chin, it will feel like the biggest honor in the world. Because it is.

Learn more about Shoyru here.


Team Brew

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Hi! I'm Brew! I'm a laid back one eyed, 11 year old Husky. Need I say more?

Your donation helps animals like me find their forever families!

As of March 15, Brew has been adopted.


Team Tiki

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I arrived at HSC with a badly injured hindleg. After further investigation from our vet team, it was decided that I would need to have my leg amputated.

I am now fresh out of an amputation surgery and ready to show the fashion world what I'm made of! I'm a natural in front of the camera and can really rock the color pink. This tripod has a new strut now, and I am more than ready to walk the runway right into my new forever home!

Your Pet Palooza donation helps animals like me receive the care we need before finding our loving forever families.

As of 3/10, Tiki was adopted.

Tiki the cat amputated leg.jpg