Nicko Rescues Her Rescuers

I adopted my dog Nicko from Saving Grace on a snowy morning in February 2015.  The previous November, Saving Grace rescued her from the eastern part of the state where they found her underweight and with several pellets in her side where someone had shot her.  On the ride home, Nicko rested her head in my lap and when we went to the pet store to buy a harness, she promptly flopped over for a belly rub from the cashier.  In the next few months, Nicko earned her Canine Good Citizen certification and settled in to our home.


Adopting Nicko has been among the best decisions I've ever made.  She was with me when I proposed to my wife; she's comforted my wife's grandmother in the hospital; and her companionship has been a continual source of joy.

Nicko visiting my wife's grandmother in the hospital

Saving Grace has taken in and successfully found homes for more than 20,000 dogs since 2004. 2018 brought 2,400 dogs to their forever homes and 2019 is on track to place more than 2,900 dogs. While completing the lifesaving work of rescue, Saving Grace has worked hard to plan and complete much needed improvements. While many projects are complete, Saving Grace has several that have become urgent and need funding.

In order to continue operating in any capacity, Saving Grace is required to bring its current space up to county standards including handicapped accessibility, relocating adoption areas and housing for puppies and small dogs, and parking lot modifications. These changes must be complete by the end of 2019.

I hope you will consider helping me repay the debt that I owe to Saving Grace for bringing Nicko into my life.





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