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If you know me you know how passionate I am about the life saving work done by Saving Grace Animals for Adoption. I found Saving Grace after losing my beloved Rippie and they rescued me. Saving Grace is a place that is hard to describe with words. Molly Goldston has giving her home to create a very special place for dogs rescued from eastern North Carolina shelters that often don't have the resources or funding needed for the 1,000s of dogs that come through their doors. Saving Grace(SG) takes in dogs of all kinds, young, old, healthy and in need of major medical care. While at SG dogs recieve all the care they need and lots of love from a truly remarkable group of volunteers. The adoption team works to match dogs, based on their amazing personalities, with their furever homes. Dogs that come to SG often have no other options. North Carolina has made national news this year due to the number of dogs euthazied every day. Saving Grace works tirelessly to reduce this number across the state.

I have been lucky to help care for these dogs on my shifts and recently started to foster with the help of my husband, Scott. On my shift on Sept. 13 this year I met Flirt. Quite possibly the sweetest dog to ever cross my path. Flirt came to SG with her 6 month old pup. So it was a bit of a surprise when she started to show all the signs of an expectant mom on Friday. I didn't intend to bring a dog...a pregnant dog, home with me that night. Saving Grace has more than 100 foster homes that help save pups, moms and dogs in need of special care everyday. On Friday the 13th all the foster homes were full. Flirt melted my heart, so I agree to "take her home for the weekend", just so she would have a safe place to give birth and then go into an open foster home.

Flirt is smarted than the average dog and immediately went to work on Scott's heart as well. By the time she brought her two healthy pups into the world, we knew we were in for the long haul. Watching Flirt raise the twins has been a remarkable experience. It breaks and mends my heart to know that without Saving Grace Flirt nor here twins would have likely had a chance.

I am helping to raise the urgent funds needed for Saving Grace to ensure that dogs continue to have a shot at a safe place and a loving forever home.  Saving Grace needs to raise 100K in the nex months in order to continue operation. Please consider supporting my fundraising efforts for dogs. You can donate, share my page or join my team. I promise to update you with adorable pictures of Flirt and the twins.

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