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Welcome to the RICKY Inc online auction registration page!

We are so grateful that you have decided to participate in our annual auction! To get you started and ensure you have a smooth registration process we want to bring the following to your attention:

To participate in the RICKY Inc auction and bid on items, you will need to perform these two steps:

Step 1)   Generate a unique ticket code for accessing the auction.
You begin this process by clicking on the “Continue” button below and filling out the required information on the subsequent registration pages to create a unique ticket code. This ticket code will be sent to you in a confirmation email which can then be used to create your auction bidder account (Step 2).

Step 2)    Create your auction bidder account
The confirmation email from the registration process will contain further instructions on how to use the unique ticket code to create your auction bidder account. Please note that credit card information will be required at this point to set up your account and bid on items.

For more specific instructions on this two step process or if you need additional assistance, please click the Frequently Asked Questions button at the bottom of this page.

Thank you!

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