Our Group Page

Group Name: Essex 3-Villages Cleanup, hosted by Sustainable Essex

Cleanup Date: Sat 9/24/22

Cleanup Start/End Time: 9am - Noon

Meet-up Location: Connecticut River Museum (click here for directions)

Cleanup Site Options: We have 8 sites in the Essex area. We'll assign you to a site when you arrive at the Museum. If you prefer a specific site or have other requests/needs, please indicate on your registration.

City: Essex, Centerbrook, Ivoryton

State: CT

Additional information for volunteers: We'll provide gloves & trash bags. Prepare to get dirty! We suggest appropriate footwear and clothing. Bring water, bug spray, and rain gear (if needed).

Group leader contact: Tanya Cutolo

Our Group Members

  • Lenore Kuhn Lenore Kuhn
  • Shirley Iselin Shirley Iselin
  • Ricardo Villarreal Ricardo Villarreal
  • Jim Denham Jim Denham
  • Andrea Griffis Andrea Griffis
  • Allan Inglis Allan Inglis
  • Lois StahlbushTolley Lois StahlbushTolley
  • Aurise gallucci Aurise gallucci
  • Tom gallucci Tom gallucci
  • Drew Blicharz Drew Blicharz
  • Emily Blicharz Emily Blicharz
  • Brian Kaufman Brian Kaufman
  • Mark Brustolon Mark Brustolon
  • Lida Kimmel Lida Kimmel
  • Deborah Herskowitz Deborah Herskowitz
  • Sandra Meinsen Sandra Meinsen
  • Danielle Danese Danielle Danese
  • Michael Docchio Michael Docchio
  • Carlo Danese Carlo Danese
  • Kalyn Docchio Kalyn Docchio
  • Carlin Docchio Carlin Docchio
  • Brian Kaufman Brian Kaufman
  • Julian Evans Julian Evans
  • Karen Evans Karen Evans
  • Jessie Herman Jessie Herman
  • Celia Francis Celia Francis
  • Charles  Herman Charles Herman
  • Lillie  Herman Lillie Herman
  • Nancy Bockstael Nancy Bockstael
  • Linda Mathew Linda Mathew
  • Lois StahlbushTolley Lois StahlbushTolley
  • Catherine Craighead Catherine Craighead
  • Madeline Payne Madeline Payne
  • Heidi Sandling Heidi Sandling
  • Stephen Brinkmann Stephen Brinkmann
  • Carla Feroni Carla Feroni
  • Wilk Miller Wilk Miller
  • Jeff Croyle Jeff Croyle
  • Matthew Payne Matthew Payne
  • Frank Hall Frank Hall
  • Emilie Bolduc Emilie Bolduc
  • Ann Goodwin Ann Goodwin
  • Patrick Callahan Patrick Callahan
  • Lorraine Shea Lorraine Shea
  • Laura Borla Laura Borla
  • Bob Cornell Bob Cornell
  • Marialina Dominguez Marialina Dominguez
  • Tanya Cutolo Tanya Cutolo Team Captain $0.00
  • Susan Cornell Susan Cornell