Our Group Page

Group Name: Holyoke Partners

Cleanup Date:  Sat 9/24/22

Cleanup Start/End Time: 9am - Noon

Site Name: Slim Shad Point

Meet-up Location (if different from above):

City: Holyoke

State: MA

Additional information for volunteers: Please wear long pants, sturdy shoes or boots.  Bring water to drink and any outdoor gear you might like (hat, jacket, etc..). You are encouraged to bring work gloves, but some will be provided.

Group leader contact (City of Holyoke: Yoni Glogower, 413-322-5615; DCR: Nancy Condon and Joshua Epstein, 413-534-1723 


Our Group Members

  • Yoni Glogower Yoni Glogower
  • Johanna Castilla Johanna Castilla
  • Robert Rios Castilla Robert Rios Castilla
  • Noah Castilla Noah Castilla
  • Chris Dyson Chris Dyson
  • Rylee Hruska Rylee Hruska
  • Susan Laufer Susan Laufer
  • Nancy Condon Nancy Condon Team Captain $0.00
  • Aemelia Thompson Aemelia Thompson
  • Joshua Epstein Joshua Epstein