Our Group Page

Group Name: Xtream Clean Care Club

Cleanup Date: 8/26

Cleanup Start/End Time: 10am-Noon

Site Name: Great River Park

Meet-up Location: Boat house 

City: East Hartford

State: CT

Estimated # of volunteers: 15

Suitable for Youth under 18? Yes

Additional information for volunteers (Grabbers, Rubber gloves,at least two trash bags per person one for recycling and garbage will be provided) Make sure you bring water to stay hydrated.

Group leader contact (860-796-0995)

Address: 20 Leibert Rd East Hartford, CT 06120 United States 


Our Group Members

  • Cornelius Harris Cornelius Harris
  • Ella Zinkerman Ella Zinkerman
  • Madeline Wein Madeline Wein
  • Scott Basile Scott Basile
  • Julia Symonds Julia Symonds
  • Juliana Basile Juliana Basile
  • Barbara Basile Barbara Basile
  • PerChin XCCC PerChin XCCC Team Captain $0.00
  • William Lane William Lane
  • Annalena Lane Annalena Lane
  • Barbara Basile Barbara Basile
  • Lincoln Lane Lincoln Lane
  • Mia Persechino Mia Persechino
  • Manida Bouavong Manida Bouavong
  • Gabriella Persechino Gabriella Persechino
  • Abigail Martas-Mayr Abigail Martas-Mayr
  • C C C C
  • B C B C
  • D C D C
  • Elijah Harris Elijah Harris
  • Alexander Harris Alexander Harris
  • Theresa Harris Theresa Harris