Cleanup Date:  9/23

Cleanup Start/End Time: 10am - Noon

Site Name: Multiple sites in the Fort River watershed

Meet-up Location: Groff Park

City: Amherst

State: MA

Estimated # of volunteers: 100

Suitable for Youth under 18? Yes

Additional information for volunteers: Long pants and sturdy footwear. Most folks will not need to walk in the water.

Group leader contact: Brian Yellen,


Our Group Members

  • Aishwarya Prakki Aishwarya Prakki
  • Sophie Hermann Sophie Hermann
  • Laszlo H-G Laszlo H-G
  • Sophie Rogers Sophie Rogers
  • Hadrian H-G Hadrian H-G
  • Owen Gwilliam Owen Gwilliam
  • Evan Pollack Evan Pollack
  • Anna Goldstein Anna Goldstein
  • Julia Charlwood Julia Charlwood
  • Isaac Broaders Isaac Broaders
  • Naomi Broaders Naomi Broaders
  • Pieter Hartman Pieter Hartman
  • Heena Kraemer Heena Kraemer
  • Ariella Schwell Ariella Schwell
  • Tyler Pelt Tyler Pelt
  • Maria Sanchez Roa Maria Sanchez Roa
  • Alaina Smith Alaina Smith
  • Alicia Kuzia Alicia Kuzia
  • Julia Kline Julia Kline
  • Zoey Kuzia-Ferenc Zoey Kuzia-Ferenc
  • Rachael Hayes Rachael Hayes
  • Susan Kimball Susan Kimball
  • Mik Dresser Mik Dresser
  • Anna Courtemanche Anna Courtemanche
  • Jennifer Jensen Jennifer Jensen
  • Rich MacLean Rich MacLean
  • Carolyn MacLean Carolyn MacLean
  • Luca Pillidge Luca Pillidge
  • Irene MacLean Irene MacLean
  • Maddalena Coppi Maddalena Coppi
  • Sarah Roof Sarah Roof
  • Maria Roof Maria Roof
  • Choesam Gyatso Choesam Gyatso
  • Steven Roof Steven Roof
  • Barbara Pearson Barbara Pearson
  • Ren Cattafe Ren Cattafe
  • Steve Rice Steve Rice
  • Will Ruchala Will Ruchala
  • Jerard Roche Jerard Roche
  • Olivia Munson Olivia Munson
  • Tess Hachey Tess Hachey
  • Jenna Lutz Jenna Lutz
  • Choesam Gyatso Choesam Gyatso
  • Elijah Panciera Elijah Panciera
  • Terry Holt Terry Holt
  • Andrew Tierney Andrew Tierney
  • Bin Wang Bin Wang
  • Royce Wang Royce Wang
  • Grace Milano Grace Milano
  • Artie McCollum Artie McCollum
  • Gil McCollum Gil McCollum
  • Melanie Holmberg Melanie Holmberg
  • Larissa Reddington Larissa Reddington
  • Barbara Pearson Barbara Pearson
  • Mia Gozgit Mia Gozgit
  • Kimberly Vera Kimberly Vera
  • Suzanne Robert Suzanne Robert
  • Anahi Aguilon Anahi Aguilon
  • David Ratner David Ratner
  • Arunima Saktawat Arunima Saktawat
  • Sunny Periyasamy Sunny Periyasamy
  • Susan Kelsey Susan Kelsey
  • Ruth Zuraw Ruth Zuraw
  • Jenny Arch Jenny Arch
  • Brian Yellen Brian Yellen Team Captain $0.00
  • Audrey Methot Audrey Methot
  • Ray Zhang Ray Zhang
  • Eli Perkins Eli Perkins
  • Roger Magnus Roger Magnus
  • Sophie Magnus Sophie Magnus
  • Noah Magnus Noah Magnus
  • Rui Brito Rui Brito
  • Amy Coulthard Amy Coulthard
  • Max O'Hara Max O'Hara
  • Grisha Leyfer Grisha Leyfer
  • Kristin DeBoer Kristin DeBoer
  • Kylie Kittredge Kylie Kittredge
  • Jordan Hoffman Jordan Hoffman
  • Kate Dahlstedt Kate Dahlstedt
  • shaylen roell shaylen roell
  • Kayla Loubriel Kayla Loubriel