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The Source to Sea cleanup is back for another year in Easthampton.  We are teaming up once again with Laudable Productions and the Connecticut River Conservancy fresh on the heels of the River Roads Festival, and you may be picking up trash with one of the performers.

Check out the River Roads Festival happening the day prior 9/9/2023

Clean up will be from 9 AM until Noon, and will meet in the Millside Park parking area.  You will be sent a sign up sheet in advance to choose what site you will be helping to clean.  We are currently planning on four land based, water adjacent sites, and one water based site.  Those cleaning up in the water need to have their own boat, a PFD and paddle, and have the skills necessary to navigate this task.  Walk ins will be assigned that day.  Everyone has a role to play, including each site having a designated trash tallyer, refuse registrar, litter liaison, or whatever, so that we can share the details of our work with everyone.  

Come ready to be walking through brush and some poison ivy.  Trash bags are provided, but we recommend work gloves.  


**follow these steps to register**

First  click the blue REGISTER HERE button

then pick PUBLIC GROUP


then choose "River Roads Festival Cleanup: Easthampton, MA (Public)" from the drop down menu and JOIN THIS GROUP

Group Name: River Roads Festival Clean Up

Cleanup Date: 09/10/2023

Cleanup Start/End Time: 9 AM-12 PM

Meet-up Location : Millside Park

City: Easthampton

State: MA

Group leader contact: Please reach out to Owen Zaret ozaret@mac.com or 413-320-3684 with any questions.


Current clean up sites include:

Millside Park and surrounding area

Manhan Rail Trail towards center of Easthampton

Manhan Rail Trail towards Oxbow

Manhan Rail Trail towards Northampton

Nashawanuck Pond

Lower Mill Pond (in boats) (Millside Park boat launch)


Volunteers for the Nashawanuch Pond can meet at 50 Payson Avenue after our 9 AM huddle at Millside park


Our Group Members

  • Laurie Brown-Lagana Laurie Brown-Lagana
  • Daniel Carey Daniel Carey
  • Elodie Lagana Elodie Lagana
  • Henry Lagana Henry Lagana
  • Maurice Champagne Maurice Champagne
  • Donna Lyons Donna Lyons
  • Kevin Coyne Kevin Coyne
  • Lauren Thompson Lauren Thompson
  • Sandra Alton Sandra Alton
  • Hillary Ballantine Hillary Ballantine
  • Ann Favorite Lynch Ann Favorite Lynch
  • Lara Schuler Lara Schuler
  • Nancy Sardeson Nancy Sardeson
  • Lisa Rosenthal Lisa Rosenthal
  • Carol Johnson Carol Johnson
  • Sarah Brennan Sarah Brennan
  • Mary Chris Kenney Mary Chris Kenney
  • Richard Johnson Richard Johnson
  • Bergin O'Malley Bergin O'Malley
  • Genny Beemyn Genny Beemyn
  • Holly Swan Holly Swan
  • Jodi Bolognese Jodi Bolognese
  • Julia Wojciechowski Julia Wojciechowski
  • Ailsa Brookes Ailsa Brookes
  • Alan Matraves Alan Matraves
  • Daniel O'Donoghue Daniel O'Donoghue
  • Owen Zaret Owen Zaret Team Captain $0.00
  • Nicole LaChapelle Nicole LaChapelle
  • Diana Riddle Diana Riddle
  • Nick Malinowski Nick Malinowski
  • Jean Minuchin Jean Minuchin
  • Megan Harvey Megan Harvey
  • Jennifer Elliott Jennifer Elliott
  • Amanda Gates-Elston Amanda Gates-Elston
  • Emily Mott Emily Mott
  • Brooke Burrows Brooke Burrows
  • Randall Furash Stewart Randall Furash Stewart
  • Tynan Power Tynan Power
  • Amanda Kallenbach Amanda Kallenbach
  • Alison Curphey Alison Curphey
  • Dan Finn Dan Finn
  • Amy Hochberg Amy Hochberg
  • Mary Chris Mary Chris
  • Dennis Morrell Dennis Morrell
  • Katie Frassinelli Katie Frassinelli
  • Michael Frassinelli Michael Frassinelli
  • Lori Van Buren Lori Van Buren
  • Carole Osborn Carole Osborn
  • Kimberly Gilbert Kimberly Gilbert
  • Sherri Logue Sherri Logue
  • Kevin Logue Kevin Logue
  • Tanya Favorite Lynch Tanya Favorite Lynch
  • Veronica Frantz-Eggleston Veronica Frantz-Eggleston
  • Molly Montgomery Molly Montgomery
  • Beth Tiffany Beth Tiffany
  • Chandler Frantz Chandler Frantz