CTAWWA & CTWEA Joint Event

Cleanup Date: October 21, 2023

Cleanup Start/End Time: 11am - 2 pm

Site Name: Harbor Park

Meet-up Location80 Harbor Dr, Middletown, CT 06457

City: Middletown

State: CT

Suitable for Youth under 18? Yes (With Parent/Guardian Supervision)

Additional information for volunteers (what to bring, wear, etc.):

Review Info here:  https://www.ctriver.org/our-work/source-to-sea-cleanup/plan-your-cleanup/ 

River Cleanup Guide: https://youtu.be/qadD28gT_rU

Group Contacts: Please check the group websites for flyer and event info

CTAWWA: https://ctawwa.org/ (Romana Lango @ longoctawwa@gmail.com)

CTWEA: https://www.ctwea.org/ (Udayarka Karra @ Udayarka.Karra@arcadis.com)

Our Group Members

  • Vishwa Raval Vishwa Raval
  • Paul Connors Paul Connors
  • Kelsey George Kelsey George
  • Priyanka Sonone Priyanka Sonone
  • Ty Wagner Ty Wagner
  • Udayarka Karra Udayarka Karra Team Captain $0.00
  • Romana Longo Romana Longo
  • Janice Beecher Janice Beecher
  • ada Gabancho-Soto ada Gabancho-Soto
  • Mary LaVallee Mary LaVallee
  • Mikayla Johnson Mikayla Johnson
  • Tim Cannata Tim Cannata
  • Paul Russell Paul Russell
  • Benjamin Levin Benjamin Levin
  • Nicole Petrozza Nicole Petrozza
  • Frederick Mueller Frederick Mueller
  • Graydon Stewart Graydon Stewart
  • Tyler Lowman Tyler Lowman
  • Cobalt Levin Cobalt Levin
  • Amanda Lowman Amanda Lowman
  • Anna Holden Anna Holden
  • Adyline Lowman Adyline Lowman
  • Isthmian Levin Isthmian Levin
  • Emelia Lowman Emelia Lowman
  • Melissa Mostowy Melissa Mostowy
  • Mike Mostowy Mike Mostowy
  • Vanessa McPherson Vanessa McPherson
  • Ryan Palzere Ryan Palzere