- This is a National Competition! Must be a US resident to participate.


- Limit (1) photo submission per individual or company.

- You may paint, carve, decorate, stack, and get
as creative as you would like with your pumpkin photo submission.

- You may use more than one pumpkin in your photo, but they must adhere to the same "theme"
(ex: family of "Minion" pumpkins, or a pumpkin "snowman").

- $25 non-refundable registration donation for individual submissions

- $100 non-refundable registration donation for Corporate submissions

- Each submission must set up an individual fundraising page (instructions upon registering).
*All pages will be monitored & must not contain any of the following: inappropriate images or verbiage, political paraphernalia, advertisements, bribery, etc. If you have a question about something that may be considered inappropriate, please contact us before submitting. If these rules are not adhered to, your submission will be removed immediately and you will be disqualified.

- Submissions will be accepted between October 1st through October 28th. Voting will close at midnight on November 1st.

- Feel free to share your personal fundraising link with anyone and everyone you can think of!