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I stride for my beautiful mom, Rita McCormick.  I stride to help find and fund a cure someday so that no one ever has to lose someone else to this awful disease.  I stride so that I can teach my daughter that she can make a difference too.

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To donate to my Strides for CJD text STRIDES2022 to 50155. 

About Fundraising

Donations of $250 and above are considered sponsorships.

Sponsorship Levels:

  • Diamond: $10,000
  • Platinum: $5,000
  • Gold: $1,000
  • Silver: $500
  • Bronze: $250

Diamond and Platinum Sponsors will have their name or logo displayed on participant t-shirts, the Strides for CJD website, and signage. Gold Sponsors will have their name or logo displayed on the Strides for CJD website, and will have their name listed on participant T-shirts and signage. Silver and Bronze Sponsors will have their name listed on the Strides for CJD website only.





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My Supporters

  • Cecile Pamplin-Purkey August 2022 $20.00
  • Keira Davis Donating every dollar I can for my grandma's sake. August 2022 $573.00
  • Cindy Ansel August 2022 $70.00
  • PRESENCE August 2022 $200.00
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  • Keira Davis Donating every dollar I can for my grandma's sake. August 2022 $573.00
  • PRESENCE August 2022 $200.00
  • Cindy Ansel August 2022 $70.00
  • Cecile Pamplin-Purkey August 2022 $20.00
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My Teammates

  • Kelley Davis Kelley Davis Team Captain $863.00
  • Danny Gore Danny Gore
  • Pam Arends Pam Arends
  • Nicole Gore Nicole Gore
  • Robert Williams Robert Williams
  • Sara  Schroeder Sara Schroeder
  • Kenzie  Schroeder Kenzie Schroeder
  • Maddie Schroeder Maddie Schroeder
  • Cindy Ansel Cindy Ansel
  • Denise  Helling Brooks Denise Helling Brooks
  • Jesse Kimble Jesse Kimble
  • Lori Majusiak Lori Majusiak
  • Natalie  Kimble Natalie Kimble
  • Victor Majusiak Victor Majusiak
  • Tammy McCormick Tammy McCormick
  • Roseanne  Ramsey Roseanne Ramsey
  • Skyler  Kimble Skyler Kimble
  • Lexi Kimble Lexi Kimble
  • Susan Morriss Susan Morriss
  • Christina Maez Christina Maez
  • Bella Doty Bella Doty
  • Barbara Kowall Barbara Kowall
  • Thomas Maez Thomas Maez
  • David  Goldbeck David Goldbeck
  • Brenda Kary Brenda Kary
  • Jody Meza Jody Meza
  • Elise Bergqvist Elise Bergqvist
  • Jeffrey  Gore Jeffrey Gore
  • Pam Davis Pam Davis
  • Cecile  Pamplin-Purkey Cecile Pamplin-Purkey
  • Joe Najara Joe Najara
  • Mary  Lowery Mary Lowery
  • Jennifer  Najara Jennifer Najara
  • Joshua  Majusiak Joshua Majusiak
  • Jimmy  Davis Jimmy Davis
  • Keira Davis Keira Davis $0.00
  • Darcey Ramirez Darcey Ramirez
  • Sage Lake Sage Lake
  • Kevin Lake Kevin Lake
  • Ashley Silva Ashley Silva
  • Mason Lake Mason Lake
  • Rose Keeler Rose Keeler
  • Richard  Fenton Richard Fenton
  • Candy  Hendricks Candy Hendricks
  • Logan  Greer Logan Greer
  • Jay  Hendricks Jay Hendricks
  • Bryan  Greer Bryan Greer
  • Arthur  "Skip" McCormick Arthur "Skip" McCormick
  • Chris Arends Chris Arends $0.00
  • Julie Williams Julie Williams
  • Stacey Gore Stacey Gore

About Strides for CJD

Strides for CJD is an annual walk/run to raise awareness of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD), a rare neurodegenerative disease that has no treatment or cure. Through this event, anyone -- anywhere -- can pay tribute to their loved ones and raise funds for the CJD Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization.

Funds raised support our programs including:

  • Our 24/7 helpline, support groups, conference, and other family programs throughout the year.
  • Research grants to help scientists make important discoveries and bring us closer to a cure.
  • Medical education to help raise awareness and understanding of prion disease.