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  • Silver: $500
  • Bronze: $250

Diamond and Platinum Sponsors will have their name or logo displayed on participant t-shirts, the Strides for CJD website, and signage. Gold Sponsors will have their name or logo displayed on the Strides for CJD website, and will have their name listed on participant T-shirts and signage. Silver and Bronze Sponsors will have their name listed on the Strides for CJD website only.





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  • Matt Collins Matt Collins Team Captain $846.00
  • Sandra Donohue Sandra Donohue $70.00
  • Ruth Slusser Ruth Slusser $30.00
  • Audrey Der Audrey Der
  • Sarah Der Sarah Der
  • Donna Ward Donna Ward
  • James Ward James Ward
  • KOREEN Luckie KOREEN Luckie
  • Rochelle Pruneski Rochelle Pruneski
  • Justin Pruneski Justin Pruneski
  • Noah  Pruneski Noah Pruneski
  • Nora  Pruneski Nora Pruneski
  • Nate Burrell Nate Burrell
  • Katie Giulitto Katie Giulitto
  • Lisa Hannahs Lisa Hannahs
  • Mike Darrah Mike Darrah
  • Rocco Giulitto Rocco Giulitto
  • Mary Porter Mary Porter $0.00
  • Phillip Porter Phillip Porter
  • Jennifer Curall Jennifer Curall
  • Addie Curall Addie Curall
  • Tracie Collind Tracie Collind
  • Josh Collind Josh Collind
  • Jackson Collins Jackson Collins
  • Carter Collins Carter Collins
  • Becky Vodilko Becky Vodilko
  • Stacie Mamula Stacie Mamula
  • Toni Bilesimo Toni Bilesimo
  • Giada Mamula Giada Mamula
  • Warren Porter Warren Porter
  • Connie Hamilton Connie Hamilton
  • Scott Hamilton Scott Hamilton
  • Brandon Hamilton Brandon Hamilton
  • Christa Allen Christa Allen
  • Shawney  Hamilton Shawney Hamilton
  • Robin Korosec Robin Korosec $0.00
  • Taya Miller Taya Miller
  • Danny Miller Danny Miller
  • Stephanie Pullella Stephanie Pullella
  • robert fell robert fell $0.00
  • Rodger Collins Rodger Collins
  • Adam  Collins Adam Collins
  • Renee' Collins Renee' Collins
  • Ella Cherepok Collins Ella Cherepok Collins
  • Michelle Wakefield Michelle Wakefield $0.00
  • Cindy Siciliano Cindy Siciliano
  • Adam Julian Adam Julian
  • Jessica Julian Jessica Julian
  • Kathy  Osaben Kathy Osaben
  • Audrey Julian Audrey Julian
  • Steve Osaben Steve Osaben
  • Lauren Julian Lauren Julian
  • Amanda Marzec Amanda Marzec
  • Vivian Julian Vivian Julian
  • Alan Marzec Alan Marzec
  • Andrew O'Kane Andrew O'Kane
  • Rachel MacNaughton Rachel MacNaughton
  • Kory Spadaro Kory Spadaro
  • Ralph Iarussi Ralph Iarussi
  • Brenda Iarussi Brenda Iarussi
  • Shelly Ashton Shelly Ashton
  • Walter Cozzi Walter Cozzi
  • Breiann Cozzi Breiann Cozzi
  • Amy Ashtn Amy Ashtn
  • Mason Cozzi Mason Cozzi
  • Nolan Cozzi Nolan Cozzi
  • judy sorboro judy sorboro $0.00
  • Cynthia Sorboro Tully Cynthia Sorboro Tully $0.00
  • Kathy Zehnder Kathy Zehnder
  • Michael Swartout Michael Swartout
  • Jon Zehnder Jon Zehnder
  • Lisa Swartout Lisa Swartout $0.00
  • Katie Tasker Katie Tasker
  • Molly Swartout Molly Swartout $0.00
  • Kali Tasker Kali Tasker
  • Max Swartout Max Swartout
  • Kaelyn Tasker Kaelyn Tasker
  • Michael John “MJ” Swartout Michael John “MJ” Swartout
  • Mark Tasker Mark Tasker
  • Angela Barksdale Angela Barksdale
  • Maxine Swartout Maxine Swartout
  • Vivian Barksdale Vivian Barksdale
  • Josie Swartout Josie Swartout
  • Marcy Barksdale Marcy Barksdale
  • Donna Warner Donna Warner
  • Kasey Keller Kasey Keller
  • Peggy Miller Peggy Miller
  • Mason Warner Mason Warner
  • Aaron Burns Aaron Burns
  • Jordan Slusser Jordan Slusser
  • Lisa Ray Lisa Ray
  • Michelle Sanford Michelle Sanford
  • Lyndsey Stephan Lyndsey Stephan
  • Jacob Sanford Jacob Sanford
  • Pam Berry Pam Berry
  • Elie Stephan Elie Stephan
  • Parker Stephan Parker Stephan
  • Judy Ray Judy Ray
  • Mila Stephan Mila Stephan
  • Becky Dunn Becky Dunn
  • Mark Zaher Mark Zaher $0.00
  • Jane Perlik Jane Perlik
  • Blake Collins Blake Collins
  • Amanda Collins Amanda Collins $0.00
  • Alyvia Collins Alyvia Collins
  • Zac Collins Zac Collins
  • Jessie Rivera Jessie Rivera
  • Robin Ciccones Robin Ciccones
  • Kevin Rivera Kevin Rivera
  • Ellie Rivera Ellie Rivera
  • Farrah  Schoepe Farrah Schoepe
  • Kate Shudy Kate Shudy $0.00
  • Ken Shudy Ken Shudy
  • Reese Shudy Reese Shudy
  • Jacob Der Jacob Der $0.00
  • Kenny Shudy Kenny Shudy
  • Katherine Der Katherine Der
  • Madeline Der Madeline Der
  • Judy  Latsch Judy Latsch
  • Emily Der Emily Der
  • Mason Der Mason Der
  • Susan Baldwin Susan Baldwin
  • David Baldwin David Baldwin
  • Pam Taylor Pam Taylor
  • jared brauer jared brauer $0.00
  • Beth James Beth James
  • Craig James Craig James
  • Amanda Harvey Amanda Harvey
  • Michael Klem Michael Klem
  • Nancy Havener Nancy Havener
  • Dominic Sorboro Dominic Sorboro $0.00
  • Leslie Sorboro Leslie Sorboro
  • Marisa Sorboro Marisa Sorboro
  • David Segen David Segen
  • Matthew Hardman-Zimmerman Matthew Hardman-Zimmerman
  • Jessica Segen Jessica Segen
  • Sophia Sorboro Sophia Sorboro
  • Pam Michel Pam Michel
  • Cooper Johnson Cooper Johnson
  • Derek Collins Derek Collins
  • Dino Sorboro Dino Sorboro
  • Felicity Tiegen Felicity Tiegen
  • Josie Martyna Josie Martyna
  • David Rebman David Rebman
  • Katherine Haynik Katherine Haynik
  • Jameson Sutherland Jameson Sutherland
  • Brad Haynik Brad Haynik
  • Autumn Sutherland Autumn Sutherland
  • Aiden Haynik Aiden Haynik
  • Rebecca Beechum Rebecca Beechum $0.00
  • Paul Der Paul Der

About Strides for CJD

Strides for CJD is an annual walk/run to raise awareness of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD), a rare neurodegenerative disease that has no treatment or cure. Through this event, anyone -- anywhere -- can pay tribute to their loved ones and raise funds for the CJD Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization.

Funds raised support our programs including:

  • Our 24/7 helpline, support groups, conference, and other family programs throughout the year.
  • Research grants to help scientists make important discoveries and bring us closer to a cure.
  • Medical education to help raise awareness and understanding of prion disease.