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I will be running the Naperville Half marathon for the third time, and running for Team NEF once again!

The training this time around has been partcularly challenging, having given birth to my son in January. I waited the recommended three months before resuming running, and had to rebuild my core and endurance very gradually and intentionally.

Despite my experience with this distance, this round of training has been the most difficult I've ever done. My inability to build back my core right away impacted my back and my leg muscles as I increased my distance. I am confident I will be able to safely finish, but have had to work harder for it than ever before. 

I will be running this race for Team NEF. The Naperville Education foundation supports the goals and students of Naperville District 203. Half the donations I raise will go directly to my building (Lincoln Junior High), and half will go to district initiatives. 

Thank you for supporting the students of Naperville 203!

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