2023 Team Resilience

Hannah Steadman

Why I Run!

2023 will be my first year running the Chicago Marathon and my first marathon, as well as my first time supporting Erika’s Lighthouse. I chose to run with Erika’s Lighthouse because as a young adult at the age of 20, and my brother at the age of 16, our mom had passed away rather suddenly and the depression we suffered affected us in many different ways, so it’s important to me to support an organization that helps teens struggling with depression. No one should endure it alone. This marathon is special to me because not only will I be running in honor of my mom, but I will also be running in the city I was born, as well as running for all those young adults who have lost a parent and are coping with depression. Please consider supporting me as I challenge myself to raise awareness and educate teens about living with depression. Your donation is greatly appreciated, and no amount is too small or insignificant. Thank you for taking the time to read my donation page.

About Erika's Lighthouse

Erika's Lighthouse is determined to make sure no young person feels alone in their depression. We are dedicated to creating a community of empathy and education. We create middle school and high school teen depression awareness programs so educators and teens can create safe spaces to learn about depression, letting students know they are never alone, and there is somewhere to turn.

My Supporters

  • Nicole Formato So proud of you! September 2023 $26.24
  • Tom Steadman Good luck Hannah August 2023 $200.00

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