Funding Priorities

Every donation made to MSTF will make a difference to Missouri teachers and students.  Here are some of the ways your donations impact classrooms around the state.

Future Teachers and New Professionals

Your donation to MSTF can help pave the way for the next generation of great teachers by supporting an innovative program that engages high school students that are interested in becoming educators. A portion of your donation can also go towards supporting educators that are new to the classroom to help them be successful and feel supported and encouraged.


Students' ability and desire to read makes a huge impact on their opportunity to reach their potential. A portion of your donation can go towards growing reading programs that work in Missouri like Reading Circle.

Emergency Assistence

Did you know most teachers provide for their classroom out of their own pockets?  In the event of a disaster destroying their classroom, their school district's insurance will not cover a teacher's personal losses to their classroom.  A portion of your donation can be used to grow a fund that can provide HOPE to teachers as they work to recover their classrooms after a disaster. 






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