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I work very hard for my health. A a stable body and strong muscles weren't given to me. MS took that from me in 2001 when I was diagnosed with Relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis.  

In recent years, after a long roller-coaster of a journey, I claimed my health back. It wasn't easy and I didn't get it without hard work. I put in many hours of exercise. Hours that I could've been home sleeping, or feeling sorry for myself, or just breathing easy instead of breathing hard. But I didn't do that. I've gone somewhere difficult, uncomfortable, and at times, straight up frustrating. But I put in the work. Lots, and lots (and lots) of hard work. It hurts in a good way. Some of it is fun, and some of it isn't any type of fun at all. On some days all I want to do is quit, but I force myself to exercise on those days especially. I know how important it is to do the work on the days I want to give up.

In the past few years I have joined Crossfit, completed 5 Spartan obstacle course races, paddled in an outrigger canoe, and rode my bike countless miles.  

The Laura from 6 years ago couldn't get up a flight of stairs without a struggle and was holding on to handrails and walls for dear life. And as a young, terrified woman living with this disease, I convinced myself that my fate was in a wheelchair. Certainly not climbing hills, ropes, stairs and cargo nets! But I had a vision and I am doing the work.

If you have a vision for yourself despite barriers, never, EVER give up on it. Hold the vision and trust the process. Set small goals for yourself every day and do the work to achieve them. Then, WHAM! Before you know it you find yourself doing the things you never thought possible!

I race for everyone who holds a vision to give them hope that with hard work, despite this disease (or any perceived barrier for that matter) reaching your goals is absolutely possible!  Just take one step at a time! 

I cannot support this cause without you, so please consider donating! Any amount is greatly appreciate and my deepest gratitude goes to all of you who have supported me alonf the way. Let's keep kicking some butt to cure this annoying disease! 

MS messed with the wrong girl!





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  • James McNamara I’m so proud of how hard you work to get to where you are. January 2021 $25.00
  • Anonymous January 2021
  • Anonymous Thank you for the videos you make on TikTok, you’re an inspiration to so many people from all around the world!! I wish you all the best in everything you do!! Greetings from Russia January 2021
  • Anonymous December 2020 $10.00
  • Emily van den Blink December 2020 $20.00
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  • James McNamara I’m so proud of how hard you work to get to where you are. January 2021 $25.00
  • Emily van den Blink December 2020 $20.00
  • Anonymous December 2020 $10.00
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