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Racing to End MS!!

I'll never forget the phone call I received from my sister, Hannah in the winter of 2019.  I was standing in my NYC apartment just about to leave for work.  When I answered the phone, my sister seemed worried.  She explained that she had lost feeling in half of her face earlier in the week. She was going to see a Neuro specialist that morning but felt this may be a sign of Multiple Sclerosis.  After MRI scans, her diagnosis was confirmed.  At first, I did not know how MS affected people or how this would affect my sister’s life.  It seemed unfair that someone who had so much going for them would be the victim of this terrible disease. 

Flash forward to present day (what seems like 20 years later, thanks COVID-19), I have learned that majority of people who have MS do not suffer from an overt disability.  Majority of people can live normal lives.  MS is not a “one size fits all” disease and Hannah has proved this. 

Hannah has always been my role model.  As the oldest of 4, she sets the bar very high for my brothers and me.  From her college track days at Franklin and Marshall to her big NYC job, I have always been so impressed by how things come so naturally to her. Her consistent ability to ‘figure it out’ has pushed me to do better in my own life.  When she was diagnosed with MS, she held the same composure.  She knew she would be fine, through her relentless support structure: my family, her fiancé Josh’s family, and her amazing friends.  With making changes to her life -- diet, medical treatment, and exercise I can say this is the strongest I have ever seen her.  I am so proud to call her my sister.  Hannah may have MS, but MS does not have her. 

This is why I have decided to run the NYC marathon – to raise money for MS research!! While treatments are available and can suppress the side effects of MS, there is still no cure.  Let’s end MS!!!  No donation is too small – and I thank everyone in advance for considering!! 







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