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Multiple Sclerosis. MS. A constant in my life since 2006, when my friend (and future husband, even if HE didn't know it yet) Dan told me that he noticed that his extremities were numb. Maybe he told me while on a "date" but I'm pretty sure that at that point, we were just colleagues and friends that had a mutual appreciation for NYC steakhouses.  Before we had a chance to go out again, he was diagnosed with MS.  Despite knowing that his mother had MS, I was pretty shocked. A 26-year-old, seemingly healthy man has what now?  

Thankfully, not long after his diagnosis, he (and his mother) found themselves in the office of the amazing Dr. Saud Sadiq and the Tisch MS Research Center of New York. I cannot say enough about what this organization has done for Dan and our life together.  Thanks to Tisch, we found medicine that keeps the MS merely at the periphery of our lives rather than in our face daily.  Thanks to Tisch, my kids have an able-bodied father who doesn't miss a beat.  I have NO doubt that if it wasn't for Tisch, we would not be this fortunate.  My mother-in-law and husband get the best of care, and the advancements that the Tisch Center have made in recent years have been wonderful to see. I'm running the NYC Half Marathon in March so that Tisch can continue in their efforts to treat and hopefully one day eradicate the disease.  I also hope to run the NYC Marathon in November and continue to raise money and bring awareness to both MS and this dedicated organization.  I am running so that other patients with MS continue to benefit from advancements and expertise that only Tisch has to offer. 

As you can see, this cause is near and dear to me - any donation helps, whether it be $1 or $100.  If we continue to fund research centers like Tisch, we can enrich and improve the lives of countless individuals and look to prevent future generations from suffering from MS. 

Thank you so much. XO.





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