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A bath, body, skin and haircare company devoted to creating fresh, ethically-sourced, cruelty-free, handmade, and low-waste products.

Doshi FCSA

Doshi FCSA is a luxury vegan brand specializing in animal-free leather handbags, briefcases, backpacks, belts and other accessories.

The Grinning Goat

Vegan footwear, accessories, outerwear. 100% vegan style, 100% cruelty free fashion. Wide selection of ethical alternatives.

Dr. Bronner's

Dr. Bronner's is a family business committed to making socially and environmentally responsible products of the highest quality.


FAIR/SQUARE is Canada's new online store for fair and vegan products made in Canada. Discover vegan snacks, cruelty-free beauty & hand-made home decor.

Graydon Skincare

Graydon Skincare offers natural skin care products to actively nourish, hydrate and brighten your skin.


Sudsatorium creates organic, ethically-sourced, vegan skincare.


SAABOON is an all-natural, vegan soap boutique that uses the traditional cold-process soap-making method, and makes their products from scratch in small batches to ensure consistent quality.

The Edgy Veg

The Edgy Veg is a plant-based food blog and YouTube channel led by Canadian vegan chef Candice Hutchings.

Field Roast

Field Roast makes artisanal plant-based meats and cheeses. Flavorful, satisfying and made with whole-food ingredients.

Sweets from the Earth

Sweets from the Earth is an high-quality all-natural vegan bakery that specializes in nut-free and gluten-free treats.

Chic Made Consciously

Eco-friendly accessories. Inner tubes brought to life through creative design. Ethically handcrafted with the skill and talent of artisans in Bali, Indonesia.


Canadian industry leader in dairy alternatives and plant-based foods.

Genuine Tea

Genuine Tea is a Leader in the Third Wave Tea Movement in Toronto, Canada. Third Wave Tea aims to close the gap between the tea in your cup and the people who have dedicated their lives to producing it. It is a shift in focus from convenience and quantity to freshness and quality.

Earth Island

Vegan company specializing in delicious plant-based alternatives to mayonaise, cheese, and more.