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Voiceless for Animal Justice

Hi, I'm Ben! My journey to veganism took a circuitous path through my struggles with addiction, the loss of my companion dog Odin, and even being sold the lie that a healthy lifestyle relies on the consumption and use of animals for my benefit.  In choosing a vegan lifestyle, I have been able to strengthen my recovery, expand my compassion to include all animals, and I have never felt healthier. At 40 years young, I can proudly say that I am finally in tune with my true self. 

What I've endured and overcome, however, pales in comparison to the daily struggle and annual slaughter of billions of animals for our tastebuds and the never ending production of material things. I now strive to bridge the gap between what I choose to eat, wear, and entertain myself with and the very real lives of the animals that stand to suffer from those choices.

By taking a 24 hour vow of silence, I hope to shine a teensy tiny light on the voicelessness of those sentient beings we choose to harm everyday; harm which has been so well concealed from us that most people cannot--or choose not--to acknowledge it. 

Please support Animal Justice by donating towards my campaign.  And, even if you disagree with me and just want me to shut up now, then the choice remains the same - DONATE NOW!

Love Ben :)

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