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On November 5, animal advocates from coast-to-coast are pledging to go voiceless for 24 hours in support of the animals whose voices are silenced by industries and by our legal and political systems.

While Canada is a nation of animals lovers, it shockingly has some of the worst animal protection laws in the western world.

In Canada, there are no federal regulations protecting animals from abuse on farms, in zoos and aquariums, or in laboratories. It’s still legal to import and sell dog and cat fur, animal trophies, and elephant ivory. In Canada, it’s legal to kill and eat your pets.

While many countries around the world are constantly passing new laws protecting animals, Canada is falling behind.

And that’s why Animal Justice exists.

Animal Justice is the only national animal law non-profit organization fighting to transform Canada into a kinder country for animals. Animal Justice defends animals by fighting for them in court, pushing for stronger laws, and working to ensure the laws already on the books are vigorously enforced. The lawyers at Animal Justice have made it their mission to transform Canada's legal and political systems to bring animals the protections they desperately need.

But we need your help to make it happen.

Please make a special gift to support our mission of compassion, or register today to join #Voiceless4AnimalJustice!

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