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Every year, I take a 24-hour vow of silence in support of the animals who are suffering behind closed doors in Canada.

I became an animal rights lawyer because I believe in the power of law to help end suffering. To rescue cows, pigs, and chickens from abuse & neglect on factory farms. To stop mice and monkeys from being experimented on in research labs. To protect mother dogs from being bred to death in backyard puppy mills.

The truth is that our legal system has a long way to go. Governments resist public demand for laws protecting animals from suffering at the hands of farms, labs, and zoos. But they often rejoice at the idea of passing "ag gag" laws that make it illegal to go undercover to expose cruelty. Animals voices are regularly silence by these powerful industries and their political accomplices, which is why Animal Justice's work is needed more than ever before. 

Animal Justice relies on donations to do our work, and there's a lot of work ahead of us. The more support we have, the more change we can make. I'm honoured that you're considering supporting us. Thank you!





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  • Aurelien Leturgie Thank you for caring about the animal cause. November 2022
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  • Jennifer Azizi November 2022 $250.00
  • Danielle Matar Thank you for all that you do for animals. I admire you and your dedication to giving voices to those that don’t have one. November 2022 $250.00
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  • Janine Friesen November 2022 $100.00