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Carey Morgan, Walk for the Animals Co-Chair

"When I was asked to cm.jpg
Walk for the Animals
with a friend in 2008, I thought it was the coolest thing to walk with a bunch of dogs in downtown Ft. Lauderdale.  

Years later, after being on the Walk committee now for 14 years, not only is it cool to see all the dogs walk, it is even better to know all the things the Humane Society of Broward County does for
South Florida.  

It has been a pleasure for me to volunteer for such a healthy organization that does so much for the community. I plan to continue to walk for the animals for many more years."

Alexandra Missan, Walk for the Animals Committee Member

 "I walk for the animals because it is a simple way to make a big  difference to better their lives. All it  takes is a little TLC to help these homeless animals. It is extremely rewarding to be involved with the Humane Society of Broward County. All of the staff and volunteers work tirelessly and selflessly day in and day out to help provide shelter, aid, nutrition and love to these unconditionally loving animals. With the funds received from the Walk, HSBC is able to continue doing all of these things as well as providing education and resources to the public - all for the end goal to be finding these animals their forever homes."


Richard Goodnight

"I participate in the Walk for the Animals because it fills my heart to know I’m helping abused and homeless animals find a home.To commune with literally hundreds of other people who share the same goal is truly rewarding. Animal lovers are a special “breed” of people and the type of people I prefer to share my time and energy with.

As a major fundraiser for the Humane Society of Broward County, the Walk is not only raising funds to provide shelter, aid and responsible adoptions for homeless animals, they are also using those funds to educate the community about respect and kindness to all animals. I cannot think of a more worthwhile cause!"

Leslie Puro, Walk for the Animals Co-Chair

"Why do I walk for the animals? As the dog mom of Roxy & Kula -- both rescues -- it’s a no-brainer! The Humane Society of Broward County is more than just a shelter: it’s a collection of incredibly dedicated employees and volunteers doing wonderful things for the community and beyond -- from sheltering and aiding animals in need to arranging responsible pet adoptions and educating the community about respect and kindness to all animals. And because HSBC relies solely on donations from the community, I want to do my part to support their efforts."

Wendy Cohen, Walk for the Animals Committee Member

"I walk for the animals because I believe in the mission of adoption. No one provides comprehensive adoption services like the Humane Society of Broward County. HSBC's outreach programs grows in numbers and substance year on year, providing life saving support not just to the animals in the shelter, but the community at large. I walk for the animals."

Eleanor McCoy

"I walk because it's a small way that I can give back.  You get donations from everyone you know and then you get to come out and celebrate with like-minded people and their pets.  Yes, mostly dogs but you never know who might show up - a cat, a pig!  It is just a lot of fun for a good cause. The picture is Lola and Beanie enjoying a sniff stop during the walk!"