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Our youngest Walkers are our biggest supporters, and this page is just for you! Here you will find all of the fun and cool stuff you can experience from home prior to Walk day.

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Did you know that our Walk helps raise money to save THOUSANDS of furry friends each year? It's true! And we could not save all of those animals without your hard work and compassion. 

Thanks to kids, like YOU, who host car washes, run garage sales, sell cookies at a bake sale, or just ask their friends and family for a donation...YOU help to save the life of an animal.

Yummy Bunny Bag

Crinkle Cat Toy

Bow Wow Balls

DIY Sock Toy

DIY Cat Cave

Doggie's Placemat

Tissue Box Cat Puzzler

Bow Wow Bottle Dog Toy

DIY Stuffed Dog Enrichment Toy

DIY Butterfly Cat Toy

Goody Bag for Your Guinea Pig or Rabbit

Puzzle for Your Dog